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Still fortunate without PSN back up online on May 14

We’ve read some interesting articles about the PSN not being back up online, and some are stranger than others. Checking the PlayStation Blog on May 14 (today) shows that there hasn’t been an update in 4 days, although you will find many blogs keeping you informed about every rumor.

Today we came across a post by The Sixth Axis, what caught our eye was how this article looked at the PlayStation Network downtime in a more positive manner. The author, Toby M, thought it was about time someone gave the up to 100 million PSN users a little perspective.

It’s their view that some PS3 users need to get the situation into “serious perspective”. You can still play games, although not online, and going outside is not a bad idea either, and according to TSA you should be thinking of the soldiers taking cover from real bullets in places like Afghanistan, and not playing Call of Duty or the next map pack. Would you agree?

It’s our view that while we should always remember what’s going on in the “real world”, you have to also put the PSN downtime in perspective. Some hours of downtime is bad, a day or two is extreme, but weeks? Who wouldn’t be seriously upset for that length of time?

Another take on the PS3 outage comes courtesy of a video you can see below, which features gamer and comedian, Kent Valentine. It’s another view of why we should give Sony a little slack. Have a watch below and let us know if you are willing to give Sony breathing room.

Written by Daniel Chubb

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