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Starcraft 2: APM Introduction and Strategy Guide

Yesterday, we covered both a complete walkthrough and a race guide for Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty. Today, we take a look at APM and how it can help you on your Starcraft adventures.

First off APM stands for Actions Per Minute, and although it does not win you the game, being able to maintain a steady flow of APM will help you multitask a lot better.

APM is a fan-based method of determining a player’s speed during the game. APM results are aimed at showing the players skill level by measuring how quickly and how consistently the player performs various actions while playing Starcraft.

For example, If a player had clicked 2,268 times in an 18 minute game, the APM calculation would go like this:

2,268 The total number of actions
/ (1,080 The duration of the game in seconds
– 80) The first 80 seconds
* 60 Converted to minutes
136 APM

(taken from the Starcraft II wikia)

The final APM determins what kind of player you are.

50 approx = inexperienced, 100 = average, 150 = above average, 200+ = experienced.

More information on APM can be found on this link.

Now we got that stuff out the way, it’s time to show you how you can put these ‘clicks’ in to good use without the use of spam.

Being productive with your APM is how you can really shine in Starcraft.

Control-grouping your buildings and cycling through them constantly to see if actions are done is one way of increasing APM.

For example:

1. Hit main base, is my worker almost done? Do I have to queue another one?
2. Is my gateway almost finished? Is my zealot finished? Do I have enough money to make another zealot?
3. Click on scout, move around, make sure he is not getting owned.
4. Check supply, do I need another pylon?
5. Go to Nexus. Am I using my chrono boost?

This is an example of what a player would do while controlling his probe that is in an opponents base.

Naturally, while using your probe, you will be clicking lots anyway at the same time as doing the actions listed above.

Do you have any tips for our Starcraft II fans? If so, list them below in the comments section.

Source: Ezine Articles / Starcraft II Wikia

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