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Starcraft 2 Race Guide: Terran, Zerg and Protoss

If you have picked up Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, but are not yet sure which race is the right one for you, then we have some information that might help you make a decision.

Terrans – The Terrans are a good race to get used to the game with. They have no distinct advantages or disadvantage over the other races and getting used to their way of building and unit creation is a fairly simple task.

Being more sided towards the defensive side, one of the most noticeable skills that they have are that if you are suddenly attacked, you can move and fly your buildings to a safer place. This is also good for managing your base.

The Terrans are quite a sneaky and powerful race if played correctly, but one drawback would be the fact that bunkers (primary defence structures) need units to be inside them to work.

Zerg – This race has lots of advantages in the way of being able to produce units very quickly and become a good example of the quote “strength in numbers.”

They have a unique way of producing their very own buildings and units, as they are all spawned from Larva which comes out of the Hatchery.

Although not a very powerful race, a good Zerg player knows that even though they do not have very many hit points, and their attacks are weak, its the fighting in numbers that gets results. For this to work, the player must know how to create units efficiently and effectively. Preferably as fast as possible.

Look at this race as “born to die.” You can create units as fast as they die, so dont get too attached and throw them in at the deep end at all times. If they survive, they will slowly recover HP to heal their wounds. Even buildings recover HP.

Protoss – Take the Zerg and think the exact opposite. That is what this race essentially is. Unit production is slow, but powerful and last longer than any other race. They have more HP, shields and more damage points. Therefore, a single unit could quite easily take on a select few Zerglings.

One disadvantage is that it takes twice as long to build units, a lot longer. But the advantage here is that they also last a heck of a lot longer too.

Think of it like this: The Zerg are “quantity over quality,” whilst Protoss are “quality over quantity.”

Buildings are created fairly fast by warping in buildings using a Probe. Considering you have the resources, you can make a few buildings at a time. All buildings bar the Nexus and a Pylon must be built within an energy field that is created by a Pylon. If a Pylon is destroyed, then any buildings within that energy field become unpowered and therefore can not be used.

If you would like more information about these races, check out the source below.

Source: GameFAQs

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