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Spice Projector Mobile: Review of M9000 projection

The Spice Projector Mobile has proved very popular in India, but for those who are still undecided we thought we would offer you a review of the M9000 projection handset. Below you will find a video where they get up close and personal with the device. You will already know from a recent post that it is the price that has played a major part in the phones success.

The video does not give you much insight, but it does show off the projector. We tried to find a video with better quality, but this is the best that we could find — just hope that it is enough? You can see the Spice Projector Mobile being projected on to a wall, which is not only showing a cartoon of some sort, but also some of the phones settings.

We have to warn you that the phone is in the landscape position, so you might get a bad neck trying to angle your head in the hope of making out some of the different settings. One other thing, we are sorry for the soundtrack, best mute the volume.

The best way to review the Spice M-9000 Popkorn Projector Mobile is to have a read of the manual, which you can download here. There are 24 sections in all, with the first part all about how to understand the new phone. We have to remind you that the specs are not that impressive, but just consider that you are not only getting a more than capable phone for the Indian market, but also a projector as well. For more details visit Spice Global.

Would you sacrifice specs in order to have a projector on your phone?

Written by Peter Chubb

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