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Sony not expecting PSN hack according to CEO Stringer

Earlier today we told you when parts of Asia would finally be getting the PlayStation Network back online. The rest of the world are still waiting for the PS Store to come back up, so all the free games which Sony are offering can be redeemed. Now it is claimed that Sony were not expecting PSN hack according to CEO Howard Stringer.

Bloomberg are reporting that even though Sony were threatened by Anonymous and suffered three security issues, they thought an attack on the PlayStation Network unlikely. Back in 2008 there were three security breaches in Europe with some user data thought to have been stolen.

Sony was told to have preventive measures against security breaches by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. It also wanted the company to ease users concerns over fraudulent use of credit card and other information. We have also told you of some of the other breaches the company has been experiencing on its other sites.

CEO Howard Stringer said that because the service gives services for free “It didn’t seem like the likeliest place for an attack.” He continued that when the security breach first started it wasn’t known how bad it was. He said he can’t “apologize for not knowing”, and added “It’s a whole new experience for everybody at this scale.”

Whatever you think of Sony good or bad, they were the victim of some well organized crime and have been working hard to put things right. They are also giving away plenty of free goodies for a service which basically costs nothing to access.

Do you think Sony should have known about the risks of security breaches?

Written by Gary Johnson

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