Solar Plane Impulse maiden International flight gets underway

We first brought you news of the Solar Impulse solar plane last year when we reported of its success on its first 24 hour test flight. Back then we also reported its main aim was to fly across the Atlantic. Today the plane’s maiden international flight got underway bringing it one step closer to reaching its aim.

The destination of this flight is Brussels, Belgium. The 200ft wingspan Swiss HB-SIA took off in Switzerland this morning and intends to reach the destination 12-13 later. It will fly at an altitude of 3,600m over Luxembourg and France.

The pilot Andre Borshberg if successful at landing the plane safely in Belgium, can expect to take on the Atlantic some time either next year or the year after. You can check out the article at for more details on the Solar Impulse and its international quest.

The flight is happening live as I write this article. If you would like to follow the plane’s progress you can by visiting the Solar Impulse site just click the link.

Do you think we will be seeing the Solar Impulse cross the Atlantic? What do you think of the solar powered plane? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Chris Cook

Chris enjoys reading most types of news, which includes gaming for the PS3, Xbox 360, and other popular gaming devices. His passion for sports, music, and the latest technology is shown in the news he reports. While the Internet keeps everyone connected, Chris has a keen interest to view the world first hand. This aim is made more possible thanks to being able to report news online from anywhere in the world.



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