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SleepStream 2: Sleep Inducer / Relaxation Aid App for iOS

Do you have trouble sleeping or relaxing after a long day at work? If you answered yes and you own an iOS device, then you may just find that the recently released SleepStream 2: Sleep. Relax. Escape. Enjoy. application is the ideal way to combat your problems.

As noted over on, SleepStream 2 is an advanced sleep inducer and relaxation aid app for iOS devices, featuring beautiful visualizations, a wide selection of calming sounds, soothing melodies and a number of brainwave programs for sleep, learning and meditation.

The application was developed in conjunction with sleep and relaxation experts, audio professionals and hypnotherapists. The SleepStream 2 app is ideal for relaxation; sleep induction, meditation, power naps, concentration, enjoyment, noise masking and even for the relief of tinnitus.

SleepStream 2 also comes with a download section, which provides users with additional music, sounds, visualizations and guided voice sessions. Sounds include gentle forest rain and calming ocean waves. The SleepStream 2 app also features Retina support and full multitasking.

The SleepStream 2: Sleep. Relax. Escape. Enjoy. app is compatible with the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, but does require the device to be running iOS 3.0 or above. Do you like the idea of the SleepStream 2 app?

Written by Tina Chubb

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