Skyrim’s Dark Brotherhood lair teased in new concept video

As we countdown towards the global release of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Bethesda has just released another teaser video for the game, but this one has a slight twist to it as it shows some of the concept art that Bethesda has designed various aspects of the game’s environment on.

Once again, it is another truly inspiring video from Bethesda and fans will be as equally happy hearing the included soundtrack to this latest clip as well as the new concept art for the game – check out the video below to see what we mean.

Bethesda has taken some of the key environments that you’ll visit in Skyrim and shown how their in-game appearance looks, taken from their concept art which the area was first imagined as. We see glimpses of the concept art behind Azura’s Shrine that is once again featured in the game, but we also see another Dark Brotherhood teaser that will excite fans for sure.

If you skip to the 0.43 mark of the video below, you’ll see a concept image showing a member of the popular assassin’s guild and if you continue watching, you’ll see how this image has been recreated in game. As far as we know, this is one of the first glimpses of the Dark Brotherhood lair and although you may have seen teases of this in the past, we’re guessing many of you haven’t seen this image in particular.

It looks pretty mouthwatering as you expect and an instant reminder of how the lair looked in Oblivion – there are definite similarities with the stony walls which could drop a hint that it is once again featured underground, like the Dark Brotherhood lair in Cheydinhal in Oblivion. We’re guessing that the large skull crest that you can see behind the female assassin is the main entrance to the lair, although it could be serve as access to another key part of the lair – we’ll have to wait and see.

We would have to say that the best part of this video, isn’t the concept art and new footage, but actually the music included with it. There is something special about Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls music, and they always seem to nail it when it comes to picking the right music for the content that they wanted to show. Those of you who have played Oblivion and have heard the music as you’re roaming around will know what we mean here.

Check out the video below and give us your thoughts on it. How important do you value the Elder Scrolls music as opposed to gameplay?

Written by Alan Ng

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The music is by far one of the most important concepts of the game, with out a doubt. Final Fantasy VII is my favorite game, not because of the graphics it has on the PS1 but because of the music a story. They go hand in hand. Without one, you can not have the other. They are absolutely crucial. The emotion that the music can have embraces the art of the game and the depth of the story. If you intentionally altered the music so it “blends in” and doesn’t add anything significant then you best put the game back… Read more »

The Master
The Master

Sigh, like Halo, the music for this game is brilliant….


Mammoth Meat! :-D.

I think that the music is beautiful, although sadly, most of it is designed not to be noticed. I heard the composer deliberately tried to create music that wouldn’t impose on the game playing experience, and I know that I for one will probably get so wrapped up in the game I won’t recognise the music. I’d miss if it wasn’t there though. TES IV has some of the nicest background music in any game I’ve played. I assume it’ll be true of skyrim too.

Nathaniel Pritchet
Nathaniel Pritchet

The music is Beautiful!!!

Rhoda DeFrain

12 days away, and you’ve made me even more impatient with this beautiful video. Wonderful work turning concepts into reality.


Music is completing every game withdout thought!. Music is just as importent as the gameplay if you ask me!. And in this trailer it sure sounds like you got that to!.


Beautiful :’)

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