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Skyrim smithing guide to level up fast

When you start your Skyrim journey you are very lacking in terms of Magicka, Health and Stamina, however as you level up throughout the game you can increase all of these attributes and slowly become a force to be reckoned with. Today we will show you a great way to level up quickly in Skyrim whilst improving your smithing and speech level.

The main part of this guide comes courtesy of IGN, however having tried it out ourselves we have a bit more advice for you to enable you to level up as quickly as possible. Before following this brief guide please ensure that you have plenty of gold which you are willing to spend (1000 or more), also don’t worry if you become over-encumbered during the process as you don’t have far to travel. One very important thing to note is that when you rank up so will some of your enemies.

Firstly you must go into Whiterun and enter the first building on your right, this is called Warmaiden’s and it is open during the daytime (you can use the wait feature if you get there too late / early). Behind the counter you can speak to Ulfberth War-Bear and see what he has for sale, you need to buy as many Leather Strips and Iron Ingots as you can afford then leave the store.

Once out of the store head left and you will see a a Blacksmith Forge, use it and go into ‘Iron’ and then create as many Iron Daggers as you physically can, your Smithing level will increase rapidly – in the video embedded at the bottom of this post you can see someone jump from Smithing level 29(ish) to 42 in around 5 seconds, also it helps you level-up in the game easily (I went from level 7 to 10 in a matter of minutes).

When you have created all the daggers which you can afford simply go back in the store and sell them and your Speech level will improve, you can then afford more Iron Ingots and Leather Strips and repeat the process over and over again. If you spend the skill points you earn on Smithing you will soon be able to create high-level armor very early in the game (as long as you have the correct materials).

If you find that the store owners runs out of the raw materials you need you can head over to Riverwood (and we presume other locations) and use the Forges there, usually there is someone nearby where you can buy the Ignots and Strips you need.

Below we have embedded the video below which we found at IGN, how many levels did you go up after following this guide?

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