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Skyrim PS3 empathy requested for Dawnguard DLC

There is no doubt that PlayStation 3 owners want the truth about Skyrim Dawnguard DLC on their platform, although a few things are clear now about the PS3, Pete Hines, and how the typical gamers feels about the lack of downloadable content on one of the platforms. We are going to see some new content land on the PS3, but we are yet to see if it will include Dawnguard or Dragonborn, and the fact that the third Skyrim DLC is exclusive to Xbox 360 has only irritated some PS3 owners.

Let’s clear up the Hines situation with details on Skyrim Dawnguard for PS3 — we’ve seen a number of tweets from Bethesda’s communication guy over the last couple of weeks, which have clearly shown his strings are being pulled and what he wants to share and is allowed to are two different things. Pete Hines knows a lot more than you think, and he might even know if Dawnguard will ever make it to the PS3, but he’s not allowed to tell Twitter users anything more than has already.

One of the recent changes on his Twitter account showed a move to more personal tweets, and a status that explained it is his “personal twitter account” as well, so while you’ll still get tweets like the one below, he’ll only be able to announce the exact Skyrim PS3 DLC when he’s been told it’s ok to do so, which we were promised a little while ago now. The tweet below came after one PS3 user pointed out that it must be hard for Hines with some of the messages he receives on Twitter, but it also touched on the need for empathy when it comes to how PS3 users must feel after content continually landing on XBox 360 without anything for PS3, especially the Dawnguard expansion.

Hines shows us in the tweet above that he can only check on details for PS3 users, or maybe check what he is allowed to share with the public. Do you think the key failure is with more insightful communication, and if Hines is being told he can’t share what will really happen Skyrim DLC for the PS3, which considering confirmation 10 days ago explained “new content” for PS3 it might mean Dawnguard never makes it.

Bottom-line: The lack of Skyrim progress reports for Dawnguard on the PS3 means that either it’s never coming, or Bethesda really are missing the point when it comes to what gamers want, and that is “clear communication“. You can also read about the Skyrim 1.8 patch that has gone live for Xbox 360 console, and to make things worse has not released on the PS3 as of yet. Do you have empathy for PS3 owners?

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