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Skyrim ebony armor and weapon requirements and ratings

Yesteday’s Smithing guide will have allowed you to reach Smithing level 80 pretty easily as long as you had a bit of gold to your name, today we thought we would show you everything you need to know about ebony armor and ebony weapons and what you need to craft them.

Once your Smithing level reaches level 80 you can use a skill point to buy the ‘Ebony Smithing’ perk, this allows you build heavy armor which is regarded as the third best heavy armor in the game, the better options are Dragonplate armor and Daedric armor. Interestingly the best armor in the game is Daedric armor and this requires the same materials as Ebony armor, however you also need a Daedra Heart per item that you craft.

When crafting ebony weapons and armor you need Leather Strips and Ebony Ingots, Leather Strips can be purchased from most stores, however Ebony Ingots are a little harder to get hold of. The higher your level the more chance you will have of finding them in stores, if not we are told that heading to Narzulbur (near Windhelm) you will find the Gloombound Mine where Ebony Ore can be found. You can see where to find Ebony Ore and Ingots here, you can use a smelter to convert Ebony Ore into Ebony Ingots.

OK let’s give you a quick run through of the Armor and Weapons which you can craft, however it is worth noting that things may change slightly depending on the perks you use. The list below shows you the other types of armor you can craft :

Ebony Armor: Leather Strips: 3, Ebony Ingots: 5, Armor Rating: 58, Weight: 38 & Value: 1500 coin.
Ebony Boots: Leather Strips: 2, Ebony Ingots: 3, Armor Rating: 22, Weight: 7 & Value: 275 coin.
Ebony Gauntlets: Leather Strips: 2, Ebony Ingots: 2, Armor Rating: 22, Weight: 7 & Value: 275 coin.
Ebony Helmet: Leather Strips: 2, Ebony Ingots: 3, Armor Rating: 28, Weight: 10 & Value: 750 coin.
Ebony Shield: Leather Strips: 1, Ebony Ingots: 4, Armor Rating: 43, Weight: 14 & Value: 750 coin.

In terms of weapons, here’s what you can craft:

Ebony Battleaxe: Leather Strips: 2, Ebony Ingots: 5, Damage: 26, Weight: 26 & Value: 1585 coin.
Ebony Bow: Leather Strips: 0, Ebony Ingots: 3, Damage: 20, Weight: 16 & Value: 1440 coin.
Ebony Dagger: Leather Strips: 1, Ebony Ingots: 1, Damage: 14, Weight: 5 & Value: 290 coin.
Ebony Greatsword: Leather Strips: 3, Ebony Ingots: 5, Damage: 24, Weight: 22 & Value: 1440 coin.
Ebony Mace: Leather Strips: 1, Ebony Ingots: 3, Damage: 23, Weight: 19 & Value: 1000 coin.
Ebony Sword: Leather Strips: 1, Ebony Ingots: 2, Damage: 19, Weight: 15 & Value: 720 coin.
Ebony War Axe: Leather Strips: 2, Ebony Ingots: 2, Damage: 21, Weight: 17 & Value: 875 coin.
Ebony Warhammer: Leather Strips: 3, Ebony Ingots: 5, Damage: 28, Weight: 30 & Value: 1725 coin.

Most of the information found in this post was found over at the Elder Scrolls Wikia, you can see a full set of Ebony Armor below. Have you successfully crafted any of these items? If so, was it worth the hassle?

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