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Skyrim Dragonborn with acceptable PS3 Dawnguard price

We had a lot of fun hunting down the Boneyard Keepers in Skyrim Dawnguard, although this obviously hadn’t been on the PS3 thanks to the famous problems that have been just as famously undescribed. We now know that Skyrim DLC is on the way to the PS3 very soon, thanks to this tweet, although it is unclear if this is the new Skyrim Dragonborn or the longed-for Dawnguard PS3 expansion.

Following our article yesterday about the outright denial of an arrangement that stops Bethesda from speaking about Skyrim Dawnguard on PS3, or any future DLC on that platform, it seems that one topic has been on the lips of our readers, and this is the PS3 price for Skyrim Dawnguard if it finally arrives. It seems that the majority of gamers don’t want to pay much for this very late DLC, and even if they would part with money it needs to be heavily discounted. Skyrim Dragonborn DLC is another story and most PS3 users would happily pay for new content, although some still want a discount after the problems with getting content to their system.

Good faith asked from both consoles — it seems the problems with getting Skyrim Dawnguard on PS3 has hit home with both consoles, and we’ve seen a number of Xbox 360 owners also stating that some sort of discount should be offered. You’ll always find an Xbox 360 user here and there making fun at other people’s expense, but the majority of Xbox 360 owners we spoke to believe that PS3 owners should get the older Dawnguard DLC much cheaper if it releases on PS3.

One person said,”it should be at a discount out of courtesy”, and another said “I’m an Xbox 360 owner and even I feel bad for PS3 players”. The consensus is that Skyrim Dawnguard shouldn’t cost PS3 players, but Hearthfire and Dragonborn should be at full price. We’d have to point out that this is not the feelings of every gamer, and you’ll find plenty of Xbox 360 users that feel it would be unfair if other platforms get it for free.

Would you pay for Skyrim Dawnguard on PS3, or do you expect it to come free with Dragonborn? We’ve heard from a number of gamers that are glad they held out for some sort of DLC to land on the PlayStation 3, and some of these people never watched any DLC gameplay as they didn’t want to spoil the fun if Skyrim Dawnguard finally arrived on PS3. Would you be happy to pay full price for Skyrim Dawnguard on the PS3?

Bottom-line: In our opinion and after playing Skyrim for well over 600 hours, a deal should come in the form of Dawnguard being offered for free on the PS3 with another piece of DLC, but not without another purchase. This is fair as some money is changing hands for downloadable content, so it is not totally free after all and of course you must remember the first Skyrim DLC is getting old now.

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