Skyrim DLC to draw you back

It took many years to create the world of Skyrim, and most people would agree the results of that development are clearly shown by a game that demonstrates how immersion should really be done. We all know that Bethesda are working on Skyrim DLC, although for some players this is the one reason they’d start playing again.

While it’s hard for some gamers to believe, we’ve heard from a few Skyrim owners that have stopped playing, and each has their own reasons for doing this. For some it’s the apparent framerate issues that some PS3 players are plagued with after the latest patch (these people want a fix and DLC is the last thing on their mind), and for others it’s boredom after spending hundreds of hours playing Skyrim.

If you’re one of those players waiting for DLC to bring you back to Skyrim, or maybe you have a few ideas for DLC that will create an even better Skyrim, then feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Our Skyrim DLC ideas and those we’ve had sent in by email and comments so far are pretty cool, and show that Bethesda can improve one of the best games to release in a few years.

So what downloadable content can draw some gamers back to Skyrim? Some people want enhancements like trading in dragon souls for 1 perk point to make dragon hunting more interesting, and item sorting in containers, although these could be free updates rather than a big DLC download. When it comes to DLC that really expands Skyrim’s world we’ve seen many story ideas and possible locations for new areas to expand the map.

DLC that follows up with destroying the advances of the Thalmor is something that some players feel was missing in the main quest, and then the idea of learning more about the mysterious Akavir could please others. Most players would like the idea of a whole new quest line that involves you going to one of the other provinces or continents, although some of our readers like the idea of more innovative DLC that brings an arena like in Oblivion, which also has multiplayer and maybe a dragon shape shifting power similar to Divinity 2.

After spending well over 200 hours playing Skyrim and stopping for the last couple of weeks, not due to boredom but rather commitments, we’ve had a chance to think about the tactics side of the game and what we’d like to see added as DLC. While we played the main quest and helped crush all armies that stood in our way, I couldn’t help think what it would be like to be a Jarl and command a little.

We’d love to see the Dragonborn become a Jarl, which would then give more power, respect and add a little command tactics to Skyrim. Having our own personal army that could lead to bigger things, like uniting Skyrim by becoming High King. Could you imagine battling the Thalmor or Falmer like this?

If you have become bored of Skyrim or have a few ideas for DLC, then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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