Skyrim Dawnguard brings Serana affection

When we first started playing Skyrim it didn’t enter our mind about getting married, although as you progress through the game and hear about benefits like a free house it starts to appeal to you. Then you start to look around at the lovely ladies, or men, within Skyrim and think about marriage. Most gamers have a favorite from this world and when we first started playing the Skyrim DLC, Dawnguard, we couldn’t help but like the sound of Serana even if she is a vampire.

Choosing between the vampires and Dawnguard in Skyrim — we posted a few days ago about the moment you have to make a choice in Dawnguard, if you don’t want to read any spoilers then stop reading and jump to the comments, and we decided to hunt vampires but this choice had been harder thanks to Serana. We wanted to play the good part in Dawnguard, which meant hunting vampires, but at the same time being on the opposite side of Serana didn’t sound like fun considering how nice she looked and sounded. You can of course create another save file and play Dawnguard a different way in the future, which is recommended for getting the most out of the DLC.

We continued on our path of helping the Dawnguard and started recruiting friends to join the battle against the vampires, and after a few quests the good news is Serana returned and plans to help the Dawnguard thanks to her father, the vampire lord Harkon, turning evil over the years thanks to a desire to control the sun and make the vampires much stronger.

The choice to join the vampires or Dawnguard had been made before the Skyrim DLC released, for a number of players, but we wonder how many gamers had their minds changed after helping Serana escape? Let us know if this happened to you and also your feelings about Serana, do you love or hate her character?

Interestingly there have been massive forum threads started on the subject of Serana and how some people hate her, and compare her to their wife in Skyrim. This shows that Bethesda has succeeded when it comes to immersing gamers inside a world that lets you explore mountains, get married, cook food, create armor and weapons, buy a house, and a lot more. Now that we’re heading towards next-generation hardware we hope that more developers create something worthwhile like Skyrim, rather than loads of yearly made for profit titles.

If you have played Skyrim Dawnguard share your feelings about Serana, is she your new favorite lady of Skyrim? If you’re a PS3 player that has been following the news surrounding Dawnguard, then let us know if you want to be part of the vampires or Dawnguard when the DLC launches for you later this month.

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