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Skyrim Daedric Artifacts list, abilities & locations

As people progress in their Syrim journey they seek different things, last week people wanted to know how to quickly level up Smithing and Speech, however this week we have received multiple emails regarding the game’s Daedric Artifacts. Today we thought we would introduce you to the 17 artifacts which you will come across during the game’s many quests.

In this article we will only briefly talk about each artifact and point you in the direction of more information, this is because we are still playing Skyrim and don’t want to read too many spoilers and ruin the game for ourselves.

As previously mentioned there are 17 Daedric Arifacts which appear in Skyrim, in alphabetical order these are: Azura’s Star/Black Star, Dawnbreaker, Ebony Blade, Ebony Mail, Mace of Molag Bal, Masque of Clavicus Vile, Mehrunes’ Razor, Oghma Infinium, Ring of Namira, Sanguine Rose, Savior’s Hide/Ring of Hircine, Skeleton Key, Skull of Corruption, Spellbreaker, Volendrung and Wabbajack.

You can see some of the artifacts have more than one name, this is because different quest outcomes result in you receiving a slightly different item. One example of this is Azura’s Star, you receive this once you complete the Black Star quest if you bring it back to Azura’s shrine, however if you return it to the Necromancer that helped you during the quest you receive the Black Star.

When playing Skyrim you receive each Daedric Arftifact after you complete certain quests, therefore as you can imagine describing the exact location of each artifact is a huge task, however we have embedded a video at the end of this post which lasts 20 minutes and shows you how to get every single one of them. If you head over to YouTube and read the video’s description you can find out more – remember to ‘Like’ the video to thank Gametastik for the effort which has gone into making the video.

If you want to know what each artifact does simple head over to thus Skyrim Wikia page, we think you will find out everything you need to know about the many Daedric Artifacts!

Are you struggling to get any of these Daedric Artifacts?

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