Sky Player on PS3: Would u want it?

Sky Player for the Xbox 360 was made available in the UK in October, with Sony PS3 users left wondering when they will see the service. When the service was launched, Sky did announce that it could come to the PlayStation 3, but the question is, would you want it?

It certainly seems that when it comes to online content, the Xbox 360 is winning the games console war. We know that the PS3 offers content from the BBC iPlayer, but that is not in the same league as Sky.

It is no secret that Sky would love to offer its service to all the games consoles, with the PS3 being more of a possibility than the Nintendo Wii, which is about to get Netflix streaming.

There is so much more to come from the PS3, we just need Sony to sit down with future content providers such as Sky and agree a deal. We are certain that the Sky Player would be welcome by most users, but are you one of them?

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Written by Peter Chubb

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i dont think these lads and las,s understand it free when u or family member has sky u get beter service of it on line sky that is load up and see free and good for free


i can not have sky at my place due to high building next to me which blocks sattelite signal. i even consider getting xbox only because of SKY (that would be awful if this is only way how to get SKY).
so yes, once SKY will hit PS3 i will sign up immediately and all the friends (ps3 owners) i know as well. they shouldnt sign with xbox , poor xbox guys already pay subscription for network… i dont think so they will be happy to pay more.


My ps3’s next to my sky box so im not interested.


I think you guys have missed the point – I have a sky subscription and own a PS3, so would love to be able to use the sky player on it. At the moment I have to watch it on my pc, or go to the bother of plugging it into my tv, which is boring. If you don’t subscribe to sky, this doesn’t apply to you, if you do it would not be an extra cost as it already exists and is included in the subscription.


I bought a ps3 because of the “no strings attatched” pay once price. In other words, I do not want to pay any subscription at all. I paid £230 for the ps3, and Im not paying a penny more apart from for games and controllers etc!

Plus, sky? Ripoff anyway if you ask me


The fact that neither Microsoft or Sky are saying anything about numbers, means it’s a horrible flop..

The only time you hear anything from either of these media scumbags, is when there is something to spin, they clearly can’t spin anything form the takeup.

I don’t know a single person that uses it. (mainly because you need to pay twice to use it, once to Microsoft for XBox Live Gold, and then another to Sky for their subscription).

Subscription Overload…


To be honest, I’ve never liked Sky and ‘The world according to Rupert Murdoch’.

They pissed me off shortly after the service started when they decided to split the sports channel into three forcing you to buy all three because they split football, rubgy and cricket were across all three channels, simply for the purpose of taking more money out of my wallet.

Not to mention the news service which is a somewhat distorted view of the world and it’s inhabitants.

So nope, not interested.

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