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Shelf Life For Sony’s Next Generation Portable (NGP)

Sony announced their new PSP device towards the end of last month, which they called the NGP. We are told that this is just a codename for the PSP2 and that it stands for Next Generation Portable; so how much future is in the device? I say this because we have seen a pattern with not only smartphones but tablets as well; they have started to become a popular way in which to play games while on the move.

Forgive me if I am wrong, but surely people would much rather have one portable device that does it all; it might be nice to have a device like the PlayStation Portable or the Nintendo 3DS, but that’s another item you have to carry with you. We are now entering a stage where we want one thing that does them all, and the iPhone and tablet devices could be it.

Dallas News has raised something interesting, saying that the biggest portable video game of 2010 was Angry Birds, and it was not seen on any of the handhelds. This game was for the Apple iPhone at first, and then Android followed with the app after. This is just one example, take Farmville, this will not be able to be played on the NGP, as it can on the iPhone and iPad.

GameStop’s Bob McKenzie said that there is still plenty of life left in handheld gaming devices, as gamers want games that offer them more than 5 minutes of fun. Having said that, as smartphones become more powerful, so the games will become more complex. We are now entering a stage where the range of phones coming to the market will have dual-core processors and much more RAM — watch this space.

Do you think that there is still a future for portable gaming devices, or will the smartphone succeed them?

Written by Peter Chubb

Peter has been writing on Product-Reviews since 2007 and in that time much has changed for him, like his hair having more grey than brown now. He loves gadgets and cars, and gets excited when big events come up, such as CES and the big auto shows.

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  • lok

    Gaming on a psp or nds is another breed than gaming on smartphone. Gaming on a dedicated platform that has hard buttons and/ or a pre-designed interface makes gaming much smother and because everyone has the same hardware and software, for the most part, programing a game to function at optimal levels is higher percentage than on a smartphone especially when you consider the range of hardware the android platform carries. I think gaming on a phone and gaming on a dedicated gaming portable are alike to that of gaming on a pc 20 years ago and gaming on console. While you can play the game it will not always play smoothly unlike most consoles of the time. A dedicated portable gaming system at least for the time being will outpreform those of a multifunction phone. Even though the cpus on the phone may be equal to that of the gaming portable because they were designed to preform other functions outside of gaming there ability wo preform well will not be as high. In paticular the ngp looks like an amazing device but the specs that have at least been rumored will make this a huge investment even for hardcore gamers. I cant imagine this thing selling for less than 400 dollars without sony going bankrupt. Looks like another case of sony making huge advancements in technology that not enough people will be willing to pay for. end of rant…

  • psn shakyjake

    Handheld consoles are about as similar to smartphone as laptops are to desktop pcs. Smartphones will always be held back from handheld console standards until the battery technology catches up. Until then pgp/psp etc are going ti be around for a while more.


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