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Shangri-La zombies: videos to help you with your strategy

Today the Anihilation map pack hit Xbox Live and with it came the new Shangri-La zombies map, therefore thousands of people will begin building their strategies, we thought that we would give you a helping hand by linking to some very useful videos. In this article we will explain how you can turn on the power, find the Bowie Knife, find the PHD Flopper and even introduce you to two new weapons, one of which is the Spikemore, the other is a new wonder weapon called the Shrink Ray.

Like all of the zombie maps getting power on is one of your primary tasks, in Shangri-La it is a little different as you have to pull two levers to release the water, this results in the water turbines rotating, which then gives Shangri-La power. You can see a video showing the path to the power here (we have embedded this video at the end of this post), you walk past the Quick Revive, carefully through the spikes, do a quick right and then a left and you should soon enter a mine, follow the main path of the mine and you should soon see the AK74U on the wall, pass this and take a right (following the arrow), you must then go up the small set of steps in front of you, head right and walk past the Spikemores and you will see two levers, pull both of these to get the power on.

You may have noticed in the previous paragraph we mentioned Spikemores, these are a new weapon to zombies and as the name suggests they are quite similar to claymores. To us it looks like Spikemores may be more affective than Claymores and they certainly appear to cover more area. This video reveals where the Spikemores can be found (near the power switches) and shows the weapon in action. Note: Spikemores cost 1000 points and you get 2 per round.

The PHD Flopper is handy when you want to clear a crowded area quickly (as long as there is a slope), also the Bowie Knife is a great melee weapon which will help you get as many points per kill as possible, you can find both of these items easily by watching this video, they are quite near to the power levers and as you would expect the PHD Flopper costs 2000 points and the Bowie Knife costs 3000 points.

Finally if you want to reach the high rounds in Shangri-La you are going to have to go on the mystery box and if you are lucky you will get the Shrink Ray, we spoke about this weapon previously and we were right in thinking that it turns zombies into babies, you can see the Shrink Ray in action here.

What round have you reached on Shagri-La so far?

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