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Seiki SE55UY04 55-inch 4K TV reviews nonexistent

When the TV industry started to offer 3D TVs the price of them were shocking, but as more consumers started to buy them price started to fall. This is just what is happening with the 4K TV range, as prices are falling as more people want one, as well as some of the more cheaper TV brands get in on the action as well.

Prices of 4K Ultra HDTVs have started to fall and are now showing promise, this is because they are now at an affordable price for you and I. Who would have thought that by the end of 2013 you would be able to purchase a 55-inch 4K TV for less than $1,500?

The Seiki SE55UY04 55-inch 4K TV is a Sears exclusive, and before you think this is a Black Friday deal, you would be wrong. Sears has started to sell this model now and at $1499.99 would be mistaken for a doorbuster special. It’s certainly nice to see Seiki and Sears work together in order to give people with a limited budget the chance to experience 4K in the home — all they need now is the content to go with it.

A 55-inch 4K TV for less than $1,500 shows progress
A 55-inch 4K TV for less than $1,500 shows progress

We were hoping to gain more insight by way of some Seiki SE55UY04 55-inch 4K TV reviews, but they are nonexistent. While searching around we came across a Seiki SE55UY04 review from CNET, and don’t get too excited because the review score was just ok, or 2.5 out of 5 stars to be precise. While this is a different TV, it is only different in terms of size, and so can use this as guide to see if the 55-inch model is for you or not.

It is clear that the Seiki SE55UY04 specs are not going to be anything as good as a Sony equivalent, but then again we expected nothing of the sort. If $1,500 is still too much, the 50-inch model will cost less that $1,200.

Update: Here are around 100 reviews of the Seiki SE55UY04 4K TV on Amazon.

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There no reviews of the 55-inch Seiki 4k on amazon. They do not sell the 55 inch. Your link refers to the 50-inch.


The 39″ Seiki offering is technically different than the 50″ offering. I was wondering the same thing as Peter because there were MANY reviews on the 50″ offering then I found out that the 55″ is exclusive to Sears. Also the amazon reviews are a mixture of all the Seiki 4K models available. They are not sorted out by size. Even so the users have given Seiki 4K TV’s an average of 4 stars.


Peter, there are plenty of review of Seiki 4K UHDTVs on Amazon. Agreed, there are reasons not to get a 4K UHDTV today, but also reasons to get it as well. Sears will have the new Seiki 55″ 4K as a “doorbuster special” at $850. Please do your research.

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