Science Fiction that became reality, list of advancements

As a child I grew up watching Knight Rider, Star Wars and other such science fiction moves and TV shows. OK, so some of you would not class the former as Sci-Fi, but a car that can talk and drive itself — come on? Now many years later some of the science fiction has became reality, and we have a list of advancements for you below to prove it. You will be shocked to learn just what has been going on, and remember that what the government has is about 15 years more advanced than what is currently on the market — well that’s what we hear.

Looking at some of the devices it seems we are truly living in the future. Let us start with Star Trek; the four most famous technologies from the TV series and movies are the transporter, communicators, phasers and the Romulan cloaking device.

First up we have the cloaking device from the Romulan-Warbird; this technology has already been tested, and is called “metamaterial.” What this does is redirect the flow of light to bend it around an object, so you can stare at said object but not see that it is there; only what it behind it. Then we have the transporter; scientists have now managed to move particles from one place to another ten miles away.

The communicator has to be the most famous, as we can still remember Captain Kirk contacting Scotty with his small flip device. This reminded us so much of when the first cell phone came to market, they were a little larger from the start but look how far we have come now. Finally from Star Trek we have the phaser. Now it is no secret that the military has been using lasers for years; we even use a form of it in out CD/DVD/Blu-ray drives.

For those of you who have watched all the Terminator movies you will know that the androids were walking learning computers. Now our computers of today are not that advanced, but there have been some major breakthroughs in this technology. It has been said by 2018 the first artificial intelligent device with a conscious will be developed, just hope it is not made by Sony — hackers will have a field day.

Can you think of any other science fiction technology that has become reality?

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Written by Peter Chubb

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