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Samsung’s Sprint Galaxy S3 finds Jelly Bean update

It is no secret that if you own the Samsung Galaxy S3 then the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update couldn’t come soon enough, and waiting has been extremely frustrating with a few letdowns after rumored launch dates. This pain has not been made easier for those of our readers in the US, especially considering they’ve seen Galaxy S3 users in Europe receiving the Jelly Bean update already.

If you don’t mind a little risk then it is possible to get the Jelly Bean ROM now and install it onto your US Samsung Galaxy S3, but this is not without the chance of hitting problems, which have caught a few inexperienced users by surprise. Now if this doesn’t bother you and Sprint is your carrier, then you might want to check out the latest leak of Jelly Bean for the Galaxy S3.

You can find the Sprint Touchwiz Jelly Bean leak on this popular developer forum, which allows Samsung Galaxy S3 users to install the latest firmware with a lot of community support. As normal you should be warned that you take this leak at your own risk, although there are other options as well that are worth considering.

Another website has posted a how to guide for installing the Jelly Bean update from the official Samsung Galaxy S3 European ROM, although the delivery method is obviously not official and comes with the normal risks. You can see the how to in this article, which links to the ROM and explains you need a copy of ODIN before trying to start the process. It is worth pointing out that this custom ROM will only work on the GT-I9300, and the source warns you not to try and install on any Galaxy S3.

When you finally get the Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update it will help your phone in a number of ways, which most improvements have been covered before, although our article from earlier today points out that the exploit hitting current software is fixed with the Jelly Bean update, so this is just another reason to want it as soon as possible.

Did the frustration of waiting for Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean make you install a custom ROM? Some people are far too impatient to wait the length of time Samsung are making users wait for the next major firmware update, although considering Android 4.1 is landing on devices in Europe it seems that this wait is almost over, so is it really worth installing an unofficial update right now? The quick answer for some is “yes“, which could be due to certain improvements seen with custom Android software. Again any unofficial update should be taken at your own risk.

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We still have no deffinate update for jelly bean on s3, what a surprise.I have got fed up with waiting for update,So using a downloaded ROM, using it with no problems what so ever, have downloaded a stock ROM so if we do get the update before christmas, i can restore to stock ROM and use KIES for update.Untill then the waiting goes on and on..on..on..on…on..on.

Xhuzy Ef

Im in Africa, particularly Zambia. Very anxious to get the jelly bean update but all i keep hearing is its being rolled out in Poland and a few european countries. However, my question is does anyone know when the jelly bean update will be rollout to African Countries?


Im in the UK and still no jelly bean for S3… would have thought it would of been released today as the note 2 has just been released in stores yesterday packed ready with Jelly bean which must mean carriers have the software ready…


Second!! I would’t hold my breath. It’s not REALLY up to samsung. The service carriers are the primary reason for delays. They are concerned of any defects with a new OS that can mess with their customer’s phones (more calls in to their tech support). And with verizon’s case, they are looking to dump bloatware before pushing the update to their customers. Carriers in Eroupe do things much differently than in the US. Which explains why europe already has jelly bean deployed.

Connor Verity

First!! So I just got my S III, and the people at the Verizon store said that jelly been for Verizon S III should come out this month! (Or next month, I can’t remember)

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