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Samsung HW-FM45C Soundbar review ratings from users

When the CRT TV was on the market we had images that were considered ok at the time, but the sound was pretty impressive. They were not crisp as you get now, but they did pack a punch. This was because there was more space inside the TV unit to house beefy speakers and more often than not, a subwoofer.

However, times have changed and while TVs have got flatter and image quality has improved at an alarming rate, the depth of sound seems to have gone. It is for this very reason why consumers look for after market products to help complement their flat screen TVs.

There are several solutions on the market, such as a Blu-ray home cinema system, but because many people have a games console with built-in Blu-ray, it doesn’t seem worth the expense. This is why we have seen an increase in Soundbar sales, as they do just what they are intended to do, and that is improving the overall sound quality of your TV.

I’ve made no bones about saying how much I love my Samsung TV, and it is for this reason why I have singled out the Samsung HW-FM45C Soundbar, because I do like sticking with the same audio and visual devices. This might be a risk for some because Samsung is not known for its audio quality like it is for visuals.

it seems the right thing to do to read over several Samsung HW-FM45C Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer reviews because you don’t want to make the wrong decision.

Samsung HW-FM45C Soundbar offers wireless feature
Samsung HW-FM45C Soundbar offers wireless feature

First things first, you can clearly see Samsung has worked hard on the design of this Soundbar and will match the perfect sleek design of some of its TV models. It is smaller than you would think and performs better than its size would have you believe.

However, we can see from these review ratings from users that its sound quality is a bit hit and miss because it lacks bass levels like other brand Soundbars. Some owners have experienced set-up issues, but overall were impressed with their purchase. Overall, the Samsung HW-FM45C Soundbar is better than you might think, but you can get the same audio quality for cheaper, although they will not look as sleek.

It is hard to give you a definitive Samsung HW-FM45C Soundbar price because they vary from store to store, but we’d advise you to hold off your purchase until the end of November.

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