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Samsung Galaxy Tab: iPad Alternative Or New Class?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has been available in the UK for a few weeks now, but has only just been released in the U.S. This latest device will for obvious reasons be known as the rival to the iPad — even though Steve Jobs said that 7-inch tablets would be D.O.A. So is the Tab an alternative to the iPad or is it the start of a new class?

AppleInsider has been looking over at some of the most recent reviews and it seems that Samsung’s tablet device has been well received; yes it has its good and bad pints — but what device doesn’t? WSJ encountered initial problems when trying to make a video call, but we still get this with the iPhone 4 and FaceTime.

The NY Times picks up on a major negative, and he is not the only one. It seems that most of us agree that Samsung missed a trick with pricing, and feels that the Tab is too expensive. However, the device does make up for it in other areas, such as Flash — something that annoys the hell out of iPad users.

It was the review from Wired that I found most interesting though, as Christopher Null said that the Samsung Galaxy Tab might not be a rival to the iPad, but could become a new class. This is certainly interesting, something that we will need to keep a close eye on to see if it actually comes true or not.

Do you think that the Galaxy Tab is a rival to the Apple Tablet, or could it become a new class?

Written by Peter Chubb

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  • lwell

    hmm, with the a Super AMOLED version, a 10.1-inch flavor, and a tablet-tuned Android, just hit Verizon retail for $599.99, really stunned, but Im not really caring about a comparison to the ipad, there must be lots of folks think so? Well, ipad more likely a consumer electronic, a great portable movies, videoes and game device, at least now Im sucked in movies watching on it in the help of iFunia iPad Video Converter, and now Game center, be a great game playing platform, of course the E-mail and surfing internet or do some office work on it are also handy and convenient.~~~Well, but the Galaxy Tab got its features and superiority and must be on fire too, time will prove that… In a word, both are winsome, the ipad has time superiority, and is $499 for the wifi only version makes some more appealing.


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