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Samsung Galaxy S5 encounters 3D cynicism

You might think we are miles away from a Samsung Galaxy S5 release date and we would have to agree with you, but this hasn’t stopped fans and technology bloggers from dreaming up a wishlist for what could be when the smartphone finally arrives in 2014, if at all.

One entertainment website tracks news on popular entertainment software and gadgets that entertain us, and they have updated their article on everything known about the Samsung Galaxy S5 so far. This is all speculation considering we’re so far away from any official announcement, but they do highlight an interesting point in regard to 3D being included with the Galaxy S5 specs.

Samsung Galaxy S5 encounters 3D cynicism – after looking at a few concept designs that hope for foldable 6.3-inch displays, a 7.5mm thickness and a much bigger battery. It seems the idea of 3D landed on the table.

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of 3D and while some movies have been impressive it doesn’t seem to bring the joy you get from a high definition movie that’s crystal clear. Are you a fan of 3D?

We heard about a Samsung patent for a “Panoramic Imaging Lens & System” before the release of Galaxy S4, although that smartphone didn’t include this new 3D camera or display, so could it be coming to the Samsung Galaxy S5? You can see an illustration of that patent, thanks to Patent Bolt, below.


While some people believe this could end up on the Samsung Galaxy S5, it should be noted that this technology could arrive on a new digital camera as well.

Do you want to see some type of 3D technology included with Samsung’s Galaxy S5? In our opinion it should be avoided if it means a 3D display, put the money somewhere else like a lot more battery life or new battery technology. You can see some Galaxy S5 concept designs via an earlier article.

Written by Daniel Chubb

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if we buy galaxy s5 16gb version,,,
then hw much wil we get to use? 😛
abt 2-3gb??

Matt Wallington

3D is marginally cool in a movie theater, but on my phone? That’s a gimmick at best.

Mandi Ditto Sanders

I owned an Evo 3D and really enjoyed the 3D aspect of it. The picture quality was not as good as my husband’s galaxy, but it was still very very cool – especially watching our camera shot 3D movies on our 3D tv. I have now gotten an HTC 1, but kept the other phone for when I feel like 3D stuff again. There is room in the market for both, especially if they can improve the timing and quality of 3D cameras.

Azareel Resendiz

Samsung has never shied away from gimmicks but I’ll doubt it’ll be included in a flagship phone considering LG and HTC didn’t do very well with their 3D phones.

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