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Samsung Galaxy S4 with prior release pattern

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve seen a few Samsung Galaxy S4 release date predictions thrown around, which a lot of these point to MWC 2013 being the launch event for the S3 replacement, but the more we look at previous statements from Samsung the less likely these rumors seem. Most people would agree that May 2013 should be the Samsung Galaxy S4 release month, which is due to the S3 launching around this time in 2012, so if this is the case some people feel that Samsung would unveil the Galaxy S4 at the next MWC, but this couldn’t be more wrong if we look at the companies feelings about this launch pattern earlier in the year.

Back In February of this year we saw Samsung confirm that the S3 wouldn’t be at Mobile World Congress, and the reason they gave for this had been the fact that they wanted to launch the handset closer to “commercial availability” with a separate event dedicated to the new flagship phone. Why would Samsung change this with the Galaxy S4 release, unless it’s going to see a launch date much sooner than May?

We agree with most users that MWC is just a few months before the expected Samsung Galaxy S4 release month, but if the same launch pattern is followed next year then it makes sense for Samsung to still want a dedicated launch for the Galaxy S4, which is nearer to availability once again. Personally we’d prefer to see the new flagship smartphone revealed during MWC, but looking at the way Samsung did business this year it is more than likely to give MWC 2013 a miss just like the prior release pattern.

Are you happy to wait for the Samsung Galaxy S4 reveal, just like we had to this year with the S3? On the matter of screen sizes, we know a few people wanted to see a smaller form factor, but the consensus from users would be a screen size between 4.7 and 5-inches, although feel free to share your ideal Galaxy S4 screen size in the comments.

Written by Chris Cook

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