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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Note 2 for sensor timing

It is true that a smartphones specs can be decided by the timing of its release date, and while the Samsung Galaxy S4 could see a launch just a few months after the Galaxy Note 2, this gap has been very important to the type of CMOS sensor used on both handsets. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 features an 8MP sensor that will be more than enough for most people, although what some PR readers might not know is the Galaxy Note 2 should have had the 13MP option that is reported to be coming to the Galaxy S4 early next year.

Reason for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 being downgraded — it is hard to argue with the fact that there’s no better mix of a tablet and phone on the market at this time, and the Galaxy Note 2 is leading the way with this niche. The screen size of 5.5-inches is a perfect balance of phone and tablet for some people, and while not every user wants a massive device on their ear for making phone calls, it seems that the people that purchase the Galaxy Note 2 spend more time doing other things.

We tracked down a source from last month that explained why Samsung didn’t include a 13MP camera on the Galaxy Note 2, and this translated article explains that Sony couldn’t meet the number of 13MP CMOS image sensors needed for the Galaxy Note 2 at that time. The expected popularity and massive strain on these sensors at the time meant Sony couldn’t commit, but when looking forward to the Galaxy S4 launch it looks like Sony are in a much better position.

Samsung Galaxy S4 demand will be massive — you only need to look at the S3 sales to understand how big the Galaxy S4 release will be, and considering the enhancements we’ve heard it could top the sales figures of the current Samsung flagship smartphone. The image below comes from the same source via the link above, and shows a specs sheet for the expected 4208×3120 Samsung Galaxy S4 camera sensor with its size.

What would you like to see on the Samsung Galaxy S4? You don’t need to look far to find people offering up their wish lists for the Galaxy S4, and claimed specs include a 440ppi flexible display to deliver a screen that has no bezel, but this could just as well be a dream considering the unnamed sources being thrown around on numerous websites. Other rumored Galaxy S4 specs are a lot more solid, which include the potential for a quad-core Exynos 5450 chip that had been claimed right at the start of this year.

Two of the improvements we would like see arrive on Samsung’s Galaxy S4 would be an improvement in call quality, and also better battery life to support the new hardware, although another factor that’s going to be interesting is the release window of a new iPhone, which could land within months of the “S IV“. Feel free to name your ideal specs for Samsung’s next flagship smartphone.

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