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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 6 by reputation

You will be amazed at how many smartphone shoppers know what next generation device they want without knowing a thing about its specs, and this is especially the case with the Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 6. You’ll find the majority of people making a choice already for both these smartphones, due in 2013 at some point, and this decision will be made almost entirely by brand reputation. Some technology enthusiasts would already have an idea of Samsung Galaxy S4 specs and even a possible release date, which is due to a few insider sources and the fact that this smartphone will release before the iPhone 6.

Naming the so-called Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple iPhone 6 — these smartphones were given names thanks to their past, although it is most likely that Apple will deliver a different name considering we’ve seen an iPhone 4S model before the iPhone 5, so you could see the 7th generation iPhone launch with the 5S title. Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is more straightforward and we have no reason to think anything else is coming other than the “Galaxy IV” title.

When it comes to launch events and release dates for both the Apple iPhone 6, as we like to call it for now, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 it seems details are very clear from Samsung, although Apple are a little more confusing. We’ve known what the Galaxy S4 processor is likely to be since the start of this year, and this has been reconfirmed towards the end of last month with some more insight into specs as well. We also looked at how the majority of fans want a certain screen size in this article, which included details on the expected Feb 25 unveiling at MWC and possible release date around March/April.

New launch window for Apple’s phone – iPhone 6 will be a little harder to paint a picture of launch pad and release date, although most people would claim that fall 2013 would be the launch window for iOS 7 and iPhone 6, which is what happened this year with iOS 6 and iPhone 5 in September. Things have changed a little this year though with Apple launching a number of new products that could lead to a new launch window for the iPhone 6.

Apple shocked fans with the iPad 4 launch just over half a year since its last generation, so we shouldn’t underestimate Apple with the chance of seeing the iPhone 6 release date backtrack to where it traditional had been, which saw a launch pad at WWDC. In 2013 that could mean a new iPhone just 9 months after iPhone 5, which is still better than the 7 month gap between the 4th and 3rd generation iPad.

Why would Apple want to bring the iPhone 6 back to an event they traditionally launched the phone from? First up it could be that the second half of the year is getting pretty crowded, which just included the launch of an iPhone, iPad mini, iPad with Retina, 2012 iMac, and of course a 13-inch MacBook Pro. Apple has previously confirmed they like to spread the launches of new products, so would the iPhone 6 be better off launching at WWDC 2013?

People that love to own as many Apple products as possible might also want the release date for iPhone 6, or other devices, moved thanks to it being impossible to purchase all the new products after launch. If Apple spread out the launches then it makes it easier for dedicated fans to buy the latest Apple technology as it releases. You might be surprised at how many homes own just about everything Apple, and like to upgrade shortly after a new generation launches. What specs would the iPhone 6 include, especially if it came 9 months after the last generation? Do you have a few features in-mind that were missing from the current model?

Samsung Galaxy S4 to launch with better reputation – Samsung has been a pain in Apple’s side this year, and new reports are claiming that the iPad lost half its market share in Q3, although this is likely aided by the fact that consumers expected a new iPad, which ended up delivering with both an iPad mini and 4th generation as well. You might have thought no one could catch Apple a couple of years ago, although it is very clear that Samsung has done this in 2013 and could do much more in 2013. We’ve also seen Samsung rule the UK mobile phone market with the Galaxy S3 thanks to certain stats, and this is expected to continue with the Galaxy S4 for those people that don’t like a bigger display found on the Note 2.

You cannot ignore the fact that Apple is still a force to be reckoned with, and we know plenty of people that will stay with Apple thanks to their investment in the brand over the years, but the same can now be said about Samsung that is building a loyal following. When we asked our almost 22,000 Facebook followers if you could really decide between Galaxy S4 or iPhone 6 this early, the responses pointed mostly towards Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S4. This is interesting considering we know very little about the specs for each device, and confirms a lot of choices will be made by brand reputation. Samsung Galaxy S4 or iPhone 6, could you really decide this early?

Written by Daniel Chubb

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