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Samsung Galaxy S4 popularity kills flexi screen

One thing we can count on with the Samsung Galaxy S4 is that it will be popular, and this assumption can be made from the 30m plus sales of the S3 and also the massive interest, which has users trying to find clues as to when the next Samsung flagship smartphone will see a release date. Recently we’ve seen a few rumors pointing to the Galaxy S4 seeing a launch in May, and a few people latched on to a recent news report that talked about new flexible displays standing a chance of mass production in the first half of 2013, so naturally some people question if the Samsung Galaxy S4 could feature a flexible display?

We wanted our readers to watch the WSJ news report that looks at Samsung’s plans for flexible display technology, and also states that the company is planning on mass producing flexible smartphones next year, so one of the biggest handsets expected from Samsung next year would be the Galaxy S4, but could this technology really be included with their flagship smartphone?

In our opinion it won’t and there are a number of reasons for this, which the most important lies with “Mass Production” and the fact that this has been the issue with previous brands aiming to bring this technology to market. Samsung explain they could be the first to mass produce flexible screens on a level large enough, although in the video below you’ll hear warnings repeated about the problem with creating enough flexible screens. They state that it’s not easy to mass-produce flexible displays at this time, but they are hoping to do so by the first half of 2013.

If Samsung tried to put a flexible screen on the Samsung Galaxy S4 its popularity would likely cause massive stock issues, although it is still not known if consumers would even want this technology on their smartphones, so it’s a massive risk for a flagship handset as well. For these reasons don’t expect to see the Samsung Galaxy S4 including a flexible display, but do expect them to land on other Samsung smartphones at some point next year.

Would you want a flexible display on a smartphone? You can also read why you shouldn’t expect to see the Galaxy S4 at CES or MWC next year in this article, which is thanks to Samsung’s comments earlier this year and the fact that this handset needs an event of its own.

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