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Samsung Galaxy S3 fix for cell standby

Making a few changes to the settings on your Samsung Galaxy S3 can help the battery life, but it seems there are some more advanced techniques that can deliver even more juice for your smartphone. The Galaxy S3 cell standby problems are not the same for everyone, but we are certainly seeing a big enough number of people complaining to warrant a further look.

The simple setting change we touched on a few days ago involved stopping the phone connecting to Wi-Fi networks while you are sleeping, and this did increase battery life on the Galaxy S3 but it wasn’t enough for most users. The good news is there’s another fix that some people claim solves the battery drain issue.

Advanced method that shows you how to fix the Samsung Galaxy S III cell standby issues — the rom is known to have a cell standby problem that also drains the battery life, and it seems this issue is more of a miscalculation when it comes to the rom, although some users might experience battery drain related to signal issues or other factors, which altering the value in power_profile.xml wouldn’t help.

You’ll need to open your framework-res.apk file and replace a certain profile after deleting the existing one, which some users might not be comfortable with. The full instructions on how to do this can be seen in this article, and you will also find the required files there as well. This is an interesting read for most Galaxy S3 owners, but we’d also recommend that novice users keep away from this fix and wait for Samsung to issue a software update. If you feel brave then see the above link and let us know how you get on, but remember as normal these changes are at your own risk.

Have you attempted to fix battery life problems with the Samsung Galaxy S3? It’s worth pointing out that not all users have issues, and this cell standby problem doesn’t seem to affect a lot of people in the US, but there are some simpler tips being offered in the video below this article, which includes the Wi-Fi fix we mentioned the other day. The video gives a good visual explanation of why the cell standby problem is frustrating some people, so check that out below and let us know if your phone does the same thing.

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with medium usage i get 12-18hrs from full charge (5hrs screen awake)
with light usage i get 24-36hrs (3-4hrs screen awake)



Metro needs to get better, newer phones!!  They are not doing a good job keeping up.  Smarter customers are gonna wise up.  You have Virgin really amping up their lineup with phones like the Iphone and the HTC Evo and they still offer comparable plans to what Metro has.  I am switching.  Metro is trying to pass off this phone as this great new phone when the Evo is cheaper, better, faster and it is runs on Android 4.0  Don’t get fooled people.  

Jason Lynch
Jason Lynch

I was only getting about 16 hours on the stock battery with light to moderate usage. I bought the 4000 mAh extended battery off Amazon for $20 and it lasted over 60 hours with light to moderate usage (got 31 hours with moderate to heavy usage). I’ve only had it about a week, but so far, so good.


The cell standby issue doesn’t hurt your battery life. The system just reports it wrong. That’s all


That’s honestly not normal, my phone has been on for a good 15 hours and is at 52% and that’s with usage, though it’s been sat in my jacket for the last 3 hours. Go and get it fixed, seriously.


this the worse phone so far as battery drain is concern. my batt goes to 5% while in my pocket from 9am to 4 pm at work.

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