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Samsung Galaxy S2 vs. HTC Sensation: Titanic Battle

Since the iPhone was first released back in 2007 we have seen an explosion of smartphones coming to market. The Android platform has many new devices being released and today we compare the Samsung Galaxy S2 vs HTC Sensation displays

Jon of FoneHome is reporting the two devices probably have the best screen displays you will see this year on a cell phone. They are both 4.3-inches in size with the Galaxy S2 actually measuring 4.27-inches, but that makes little difference.

The major difference in screens is the aspect ratio, with the Sensation being 16:9 compared to the Galaxy’s 15:9. This means that video clips and TV programs fit the screen on the Sensation well. The Samsung’s display continues where its predecessor left off by offering the Super AMOLED display, which provides stunning picture quality.

With the HTC Sensation you get LCD technology, and while it lags behind the Galaxy S2 for overall picture quality it is ahead when it comes to sharpness. The Samsung Galaxy S2 has the better screen for image quality, but the HTC is better for its aspect ratio and sharpness.

It will come down to personal choice between the two regarding which has the better screen, if you prefer videos not to be cropped with borders the HTC will be your choice. For out and out image quality it will be the Galaxy S2.

Written by Gary Johnson

Gary has a background in engineering and passion for motorcycles, gadgets, and home cinema. In his early years, his obsession for Hi-Fi technology would see him creating the perfect setup with a good ear for sound quality. While Gary is keen to write about most topics that PR covers, his love for phones finds him reporting a lot of news about applications for iPhone, Android, and other popular operating systems



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