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Samsung Galaxy S2 Clarification: NFC In UK

Have you been a little confused with the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S2? Especially if you live in the UK, because the device has NFC in Korea some people expected that feature on the UK Galaxy S2.

We wanted to offer a little clarification to our readers. You will not find NFC in the current UK handset, and any future software upgrade will not add this feature as the NFC chip is not in the standard Galaxy S2 for UK.

There is good news, as we hear from our Samsung sources that a Near Field Communication version should be coming, some rumors of June 2011 are yet to be confirmed. This technology is expected to change the way we buy things in the future, although the idea has divided opinion. We will update you when we get some official information of a release date.

Apple is expected to release the iPhone 5 or 6 with this feature, which depends on the release dates for the next generation of iPhone. Apple did have a routine of an iPhone release at each WWDC, although this has changed in 2011.

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