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Samsung Galaxy S: Android 2.2 Froyo Update for O2 – Release Date

We have some great news for Samsung Galaxy S owners on O2 in the UK, as it looks like we have a confirmed release date for when you will finally be receiving an update to Android 2.2 Froyo.

As reported from Phandroid, an O2 internal newsletter has leaked out, and has been picked up by the guys over at Android Central. The details reveal that the Galaxy S on O2 will be receiving the Froyo update on Monday 15th November – mark it down.

Furthermore, the newsletter also reveals Android 2.1 update details for Sony Xperia X10 users on O2 – you’ll be getting Eclair on that Monday as well – about time don’t you agree?

It looks like Samsung are now working hard to push Froyo out to everyone before Gingerbread arrives. If you are a Galaxy S owner on O2, let us know your thoughts on this.

Written by Alan Ng

Alan has been working for Product-Reviews since 2009 and became the Editor-in-chief in 2014. He has a passion for technology, the latest mobile phones and gadgets, and the gaming industry. Alan is a graduate of Canterbury Christ Church University and completed a B.A in Commercial Music in 2008. While expressing a keen interest in all areas that PR cover, you'll usually find Alan in the gaming section, where he'll be keeping enthusiasts up to date on all the latest news and reviews for consoles and PC.

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  • Christopher

    WTF Samsung – How many thousands of your customers do you want to piss off to the point that they never buy any Samsung product again?

  • Edie Gein

    Still waiting for the Froyo update. I'm on an O2 contract. Beginning to wish I'd stuck to Sony Ericsson – at least their phones worked, didn't hang, didn't have conflicts with their own PC software, didnt have conflicts with their on-board software. In a nutshell – they worked and upgrades were frequent and automatic.

    Samsung? Never again.

  • dom

    Samsung are crap!i was going to get an iphone4,but chose the galaxy s,big mistake ive live to regret in the uk,and ive not received the 2.2 froyo update yet,and trying to find out how to get it is a quest.take my advice dont buy a samsung.

  • LoveLifeTilDeth

    Still no updates?? This is a little ridiculous.. I can see why people who purchased back in June have up hope long ago.. Ive only had my phone a short while.. Love my phone.. Seriously perturbed at Samsung….

  • dannyb1066

    still no froyo update for the samsung galaxy s in the uk, on t- mobile

  • dazzer272

    It WOULD be nice if o2 said when they are going to update samsung galaxy s froyo 2.2 . Im going around in circles its making me dizzy man nature grows the seed we eat the seed

  • smurfMD

    No update here in Germany either…..o2 with Galaxy S.

  • foreverme74

    no update to 2.2 on my galaxy s…..still waiting !!!!!

  • John

    I upgraded my o2 galaxy on 12th and love it. The upgrade went smoothly with no issues well worth the wait

  • Ankush

    How come Samsung could provide froyo for the tablet? I think they are not interested to serve once they sell.

  • dazzer272

    no update o2 samsung galaxy s uk suck on my chocolate salty balls O2

  • Chris

    confirmed no O2 update.
    i assume if i flash with a non-branded older rom version i could then pick up the official update from Kies for unbranded handsets?
    crazy when i had phone unlocked in 5mins and never even used O2. i've yet to find a carriers' version of the os to better than the standard manufacturers'. so far oragnge are the worst imo for actually degrading the user-experience.

  • foreverme74

    no update in the uk on o2

  • nick

    Today is nov. 15, 2010…and no update (captivate)

  • Frank

    Fuck Samsung, Fuck Froyo, Fuck Samsung Canada. I called the support service and the lady could not give me the answer about the update…..they don't give a dam. they told me to call my cell provider Bell. Loll Who the fuck made that phone …Bell or Samsung ???? They don't even know there products…..SHAME.

  • Sean

    Lets go already …enough with the cheesy suspense

  • frank

    f*** this ima sell my vibrant how come we gotta wait so long for an update, next thing you know a better phone comes out when they give the U.S the update this is bulls**** so call samsung is advanced my a**, tmobile needs to get iphone asap , at least apple is reliable and and are true with there updates

    • Nick

      The iPhone is a nice phone and yes apple does hold their word when it comes to the release date for their updates, but ale also intentionally releases updates for the 3g and the 3gs that cause the phone to cease functioning properly. apples response to this when you call in with a broken iphone “well there’s nothing we can do about it. You should contact at&t and upgrade your phone. Oh by the way our iphone 4 just came out.” So you can hope for the day that your carrier gets the iphone, but with apple they don’t care about the equipment or the customers and all the customers care about is a name.

  • ABE

    thats what im saying mike ive been waitin for it

  • Mike

    First they said early november, then november 11th, now the 15th?

  • rob

    i'll believe it when i see it

  • I hope for asia will come out soon as possible

  • Steven

    TLol xD I just hope it comes out before the end of the year the ppl at tmobile said it should be released really soon but hey they have lied to me before so I shouldnt get my hopes up

  • Steven

    luckyyy uk ppl dammit I wonder when the us versions will get 2.2

  • Maria Wells

    Why do they get everything before us? Ughhh I'm with you Steven!


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