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Samsung Galaxy Pro Review: Disappointing Handset

Samsung seems on a relentless mission to bring out as many Android phones as possible in 2011, but are they rushing things a little? A recent Samsung Galaxy Pro review suggests that it is a disappointing handset, the reason being that it tries to hard to be like a RIM BlackBerry handset. That is not necessarily a bad thing; but it is when it is from an old BlackBerry model.

There is one good thing about the galaxy Pro though, one that Seenit pointed out, and that is that it does not aim to be anything like the iPhone. Not often you can say that about a Google Android handset. The Pro is a wide phone, much wider than most of the other handsets on the market — again this is a BlackBerry approach.

This is good in one respect, as you can type away with the larger keys, but the downside is how awkward it is to hold. However, you cannot do this while holding with one hand, so needs to be sat down on a surface somewhere — so a bit pointless really. As with many new phones coming to market, there was an issue with the battery, as it seems to run low quick.

So we have established that these large keys are a drawback, and that leads into other issues, the main one being the screen, which has been made smaller than usual — something that will not please many of us. How can you browse the Internet on such a small screen? The handset also lacks many of the basic functions that is seen on most phones today, such as pinch and zoom.

Overall, we do not think that Samsung is on to a winner here with the Galaxy Pro, but what do you really think?

Written by Peter Chubb

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