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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 visual, smart features and dock

We keep hearing how clever the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is although it seems a new video wants to prove it, and Samsung’s new Smart Dock for Galaxy Note 2 reinforces the already powerful device. If you want to find your inner creativity then a new video will show you how this can be done with the Galaxy Note 2, which demonstrates additional smart features that you might not know about.

The official video can be found below this article and talks about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s Quick Command that is enabled by holding down the S-Pen on the screen and swiping up, which pulls up a menu and reveals quick commands. The video will show you how to add a command to an application, which can be activated from a simple symbol to help speed up tasks and make you more productive when using your Galaxy Note 2 with Quick Commands.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 has also improved the S Voice feature thanks to integration with the S Pen, which is really helpful when you are in a meeting or in an environment that’s noisy. Handwriting to S Voice will help users in a number of ways, and we’re sure you can think of a few yourselves when speaking is not ideal. The video also talks through other smart Galaxy Note 2 features like Page Buddy, Social Tag 2.0, and more, so take a look below.

Meet Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 Smart Dock – the smartphone might include a lot of cool features already and this has been demonstrated in the video below this article, although Samsung don’t want to stop there and recently introduced the “Galaxy Note II Smart Dock” that expands the power of the device. This allows for users to connect their Galaxy Note 2 to a big screen, USB keyboard, and external hard drive to help increase productivity even more. You can read more about this new $100 accessory in this article, or see a few images below with the main Smart Dock specs.

If you own the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, will you purchase the new Smart Dock? Have a watch of the smart features video below, and then let us know if you’re benefiting from any of these features and how you could see the Smart Dock integrate with your office/homelife.

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