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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 subsidy invaluable

There are still a few mysteries surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and this includes one of price, a release date for different carriers around the world, and finally just how much better the Galaxy Note 2 will do even with an expected high price. We say better thanks to the success of the first generation, and now the sequel has not only improved specs but also a following that is growing by the day.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 price is steep and makes a subsidy invaluable — with money pretty tight for a lot of people across the United States and in Europe, there won’t be that many buyers that can find the initial high price for a Galaxy Note 2. Our recent article about the price card seen at IFA did highlight a few inaccuracies with the said specs, but the EU price did seem pretty spot on and would obviously make the US costing under $600 if you take high European taxes into account. If you live in Europe, how do you feel about paying a good 20-30% higher than those in the US for pretty much the same device?

The exact Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release date has still not been confirmed, although we do know it will be at some point in October. The exact cost will likely be revealed at the same time as the launch date, although our US readers will have to wait a little longer, which is something we’ve got used to with the majority of Samsung devices.

You can see a few words below that came from Samsung’s JK Shin, President of Mobile Communications, and he explains in a nutshell why you’d want to consider the new Galaxy Note 2. If you want to get a breakdown of the new specs and see them compared to the original model, then take a look at this article with a chart comparing them side-by-side.

How will you buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and are you willing to pay the price with an unsubsidized device? Some people will be happy to pay the full price and would hate the idea of being locked into a carrier thanks to a cheaper handset price, but with that said would you really be happy to pay such a high price for a Galaxy Note 2, or is it a matter of there’s nothing else better?

While the above $600 price point for the US Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is just speculation based on past pricing and the rumored European price, it is worth noting that some blogs claim the Galaxy Note 2 price could reach as much as $800 to $900 in the US. This is much higher and could make it unreachable without a subsidy, which again makes this option extremely invaluable.

We’d love to hear from our readers that want to get their hands on the new big-screened Samsung, and how those of you in the US feel about waiting a little longer for the device?

Written by Daniel Chubb

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Captain Scarlet
Captain Scarlet

The original Note was cheaper to buy from amazo in Germany than uk, so assuming that the same will be the case that’s where I will be getting mine.


What website did you use please galaxy note fan??

galaxy note fan
galaxy note fan

Samsung are not going to make this phone unaffordable, i would expect it be less than $650.I live in Australia and the original galaxy note, which i have, is still going for $800 outright in some stores. I bought mine online from Hong Kong (international version) a couple of months after release for $500 incl. Delivery. It’s got to be competitive with the s#*t phone 5. If the cost is to high in US i have had no problems with the Hong Kong bought device and saved plenty of cash doing it


If I were to pay $600 US for a Note 2 instead of being charged what Best Buy wants me to pay for the first Note ($749.99) I’d wait. Waiting a little longer (less than 6 months) in my opinion would be worth it – but probably make people who buy it online for more pretty mad. I’ve seen the first Note online for $649 or less but I seriously doubt Samsung would charge less than $750 for the Note 2. I don’t want to waste my time with a two year contract anymore so I’ve budgeted and saved to… Read more »

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