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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 frustration with Verizon

Hearing that Verizon is locking the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 bootloader shouldn’t come as a surprise, although that doesn’t help matters when reality hits home, and this had been seen with the evidence leaked online earlier this week. Verizon did the same with the Galaxy S3 when it landed on their network, which frustrates certain users who feel alienated.

The excitement to get the Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon will be enough for some people to turn a blind eye to certain features the carrier takes away, although the same couldn’t be said for thousands of users that are sick of Verizon locking down features they want. This means T-Mobile and AT&T can expect to receive custom from these people as long as they don’t lock down the Galaxy Note 2 as well.

Do you like to install custom ROMs on smartphones, and is this something you want to do with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2? The very reason Android is so popular is thanks to its freedom, and this is something Apple don’t give them with their closed OS, so hearing that Verizon is imposing restrictions like locking the bootloader is obviously not going to sit well with Android fans.

The problem for some people is the fact that they prefer Verizon’s network coverage and features overall, so these people will hope for an exploit like Galaxy S3 owners got shortly after they heard about the bootloader being locked.

Do you care more about installing custom ROMs on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, or are you happier to see the device arriving on Verizon Wireless? You can read about the likely release month for the Galaxy Note 2 in this article, which states it will be in November for the United States and on multiply carriers. Do you know the network you’ll choose yet if you buy a SGN2?

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I’m staying with Verizon…not worth losing my unlimited data because of the bootloader situation… plus, some kid from Seattle will figure a root formula in a month or two from its release date. 😉


Jelly Bean should be plenty sexy looking for most everyone, none the less the hacker community found a way around this problem with the Galaxy S3 and will probably do it again with this phone. I am more than definitely going to get this phone even though I have Verizon.


author (Daniel): learn English!! it isn’t “Apple don’t”. duh. it’s “Apple doesn’t”. sigh.

Torin Weatherbee

I have a good deal through my parents’ work for Verizon, and I got grandfathered into unlimited data, so I’m just hoping for the exploit

Antonio Haile
Antonio Haile

Verizon is so lame for this, at&t or sprint it is!


I don’t care that it has a locked bootloader. Doesn’t affect me in any way.

Vern Green

I plan on getting one, Locking it down means nothing to me. In fact, if locking it down means that it is more stable, then I am all for that!


“Apple don’t give them”?????????!

Abdullah Naji

Im getting the Note 2!! ;D

gimme a note
gimme a note

I dont care about the lock. Like another i would preferthe loss of bloatware. Thatdamned blockbuster app makes less likelyto ever set foot in a blockbuster store and i hate them as a company for what amounts to spam. My contract is up in dec. I have loved my droid 2 for two years but its time for something bigger. Andi need bigger touse a. Virtual keyboard. The stylus intrigues me and i hope at can be used for simple writing of emails. It will be a choice between note and s3 for me.

Joseph Dowski

I am a current Verizon user. My Droidx is up for renewal in November. I’ve had my eye on the Galaxy Note II for quite some time. I sorta have mixed feelings about the stylus thing. I guess I could just now use it. The stylus-specific menus only activate when the stylus is removed. However, now I am just hearing rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S4 being released in late February 2013. 5 inch screen….no stylus….hmm…. As far as the Galaxy Note II being locked…that sucks but I hear that ATT does it with there phones too ?? I’d be… Read more »

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