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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 becoming a real substitute

The way smartphones have replaced multiple gadgets we use everyday has been amazing and a progression most of us have welcomed, but it seems a new movement has happened thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which is starting to become a real substitute to popular technology. We heard a few years ago that laptops would replace desktop PCs, and this happened, but then we saw the Apple iPad help to make tablets popular and created a movement away from the laptop and towards the tablet PC. It now seems like there’s a niche being created for people that don’t want a smartphone and tablet, which is being led by the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

In our iPad mini review we explained how this new sized iPad is ideal for iPhone 5 owners, especially considering the size difference between the two devices, although when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 owner they opt for a device that becomes both their tablet and smartphone. We’ve also seen early sales figures for the Galaxy Note 2, which point to over 3m units selling without the 5.5-inch device landing on most of the US networks.

We’ve been hearing from people finding the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 a substitute for a number of their gadgets, and these new Galaxy Note 2 owners were previously dedicated to a range of brands and smartphones. One PR reader stated that they had a “HTC One X and Nexus 7“, but traded both of these devices in for one Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Another person said they “don’t need to worry about two devices anymore“, and continued that their Galaxy Note 2 now meets both their personal and business needs.

These a just a couple of examples, but we’ve seen hundreds of comments from new Galaxy Note 2 owners that have seen the benefits of the bigger 5.5-inch smartphone. The majority of these people repeat the same words, and that’s the Galaxy Note 2 is a “real substitute” for those people that want “one gadget“, although there are issues with shrinking down from a 7-inch tablet and of course trying to use the Galaxy Note 2 for long phone calls with a 5.5-inch device at your ear.

Are you happy with the balance that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 provides, especially when it comes to finding the middle ground between tablet and phone? If you own the Galaxy Note 2, do you feel you have the best of both worlds and what gadgets has your new smartphone replaced? You can learn more about the Galaxy Note 2 features here, although we’d love to know what US network you prefer for this smartphone. Is it Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or another for you?

Written by Daniel Chubb

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