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Samsung Epic 4G: Froyo Update – New Details from Sprint

Despite the fact that the Android 2.2 Froyo update was due for the Samsung Epic 4G towards the end of December, Sprint has still not pushed out the update but they have just given a new message on Twitter to users patiently waiting for it.

As we told you last month, the official Froyo update was due to land on December 26th, as a leaked document appeared to suggest that this was set in stone and that it would include a notable number of new additions, such as Adobe Flash 10.1 Player and GPS enhancements.

But the update didnt arrive on that date, and as Phandroid reports, Sprint are still reassuring customers that the update is still due very soon – just check out the following message on Twitter below:

”Sprint & Samsung are working to release Froyo for Epic ASAP, but only after it meets rigorous testing criteria to ensure quality experience.”

Sadly though, we don’t see any new dates floating around, so ‘ASAP’ could actually mean anything – don’t forget that this is a Samsung update we’re talking about too. You should be well aware of their poor track record when it comes to official software updates.

Still, it’s good to see Sprint giving customers an update on the situation. If you have a Epic 4G on Sprint, let us know your thoughts on the delay.

Written by Alan Ng

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  • Nick

    Samsung needs to ditch all their custom crap and just release a "pure google" update to all their Galaxy S phones. You'd think it would be pretty easy now that Nexus S is out… why hold back, just gingerbread everything!

    I have to admit, I too am in the camp of too little too late with froyo, if they don't spring a surprise pure google gingerbread update I won't be impressed. I'll prob will go with the Nexus line next time.

  • Rare Brain-User

    This site needs some pacifiers to hand out to people… I love my Epic, my friends love their epics, captivates, fascinates..two of my bosses have galaxy s' and they love them. Samsung phones have the very best screen, the current fastest processor, & GPU. If you desperately want FroYo then just download and do the manual install. it doesn't require rooting and couldn't be easier to do. I'm going to stick with Samsung until someone can actually beat their hardware..remember what you can install yourself (software) and what you can't (hardware). Why do you think Google chose Samsung to make their Nexus S?

  • hayley

    mine samsung epic sucks!!!!! everything went wrong..

  • Craig

    I like Samsung for the hardware. They can go ***k themselves when it comes to support. But at least their good devices are open source, so let the modding begin. All epic users like me should just root and odin. Samsung will let the first Galaxy S line die in the US. If you want the current Android, you have to buy the latest and greatest from Samsung. They will be releasing the next generation lineup of Galaxy S this year with Gingerbread. Or you can be smart and buy HTC for real support. I will stay with Sprint for the dollar value and wait for the next great HTC with a slide out keyboard since the shift is not a real improvement the basic EVO.
    For anyone who doesn't know, the real Galaxy S problem is Touchwiz. Samsung wants it to dominate the startup and this cannot be done after Eclair without bricking or causing major issues. Touchwiz sucks anyway but Samsung is not will to admit defeat after spending million to develop it. I have used the leaked DK28 with ditched Touchwiz… AMAZING.

  • Ken

    Google please release nexus one for sprint/verizon…please!!!
    Nexus one will be the only phone garaunteed to get updates.
    After samsungs constant delays, and faulty keyboard that misses letters while typing, I garuntee that this is the last samsung phone I’ll ever own. Next will either be htc or motorolla.

  • Mike Ice

    Samsung, get your head out of your a$$.

  • Brandon

    I'm not sure if the problem is with "all manufacturers" or with Sprint (and other carriers), or a combination of both, but with my HTC TouchPro2, which ran Windows Mobile, and shipped with 6.1 with a promised upgrade to 6.2, that release was as much of an "epic failure" with respect to timeliness as the Epic 4g/Froyo. So, I definitely wouldn't hang all of my hopes on HTC and their WP7 phones being beyond disappointment… the best predictor of future behavior is past histor of behavior!

  • Nunya

    When my contract is up, and I'm shopping for a phone to replace my Epic 4g, I'll remember this Samsung. The HTC Evo Shift is looking pretty awesome right now. Not receiving a timely update has left me so disappointed, that at this point, nothing short of Gingerbread will satisfy me. Too little too late on Froyo.

    • blah blah blah

      can i haveur epic then

      • ha ha ha

        you want a busted phone, with terrible reliability on the company side? Or wouldn’t you want a more robust phone. Sure you can have my epic, for $200. Let me know, I’ll sell it to you! Then I’ll buy myself a phone worth having!

  • Kristi

    Im sad that its not released.yet BUT happy they are working on it. I’m also excited to see that we will be getting flash. Thank you!

  • My Epic 4G will be on eBay the same day WP7 hits Sprint. I wanted to run things that don't work without FroYo which is starting to become quite a few apps so I rooted and installed a custom ROM a while ago. This whole update fiasco will be no more with WP7 since MS will be controlling them for all devices. People say too much is made of the fregmentation of the Android market, most of those people are likely not holding on to high dollar handsets that can't run the latest apps The fragmentation is a real issue and it's going to push many supporters away from the platform.


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