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Samsung 51-inch PN51F5300 thin Plasma HDTV at just 2-inches

There is no doubt that Plasma TVs come way behind LCD for popularity, but this doesn’t mean there’s not an advantage to owning something like the Samsung 51-inch PN51F5300 Plasma HDTV over other LED TVs. One reason would be price, and you can count on paying a lot less for a Plasma with similar features to an LCD.

Another reason to consider a Plasma HDTV would be how smooth the picture is when you have fast moving images like you experience with action movies or sports. The Samsung 51-inch PN51F5300 specs include a full HD 1080p resolution like many LCDs, but the Smoother Motion with 600Hz Subfield Motion technology beats many LED TVs hands down, although you will find better options if you wish to pay a lot more money.

While we personally prefer an LED TV, you won’t need to look far to see many consumers that prefer Plasma and also like the price tag as well. The Samsung PN51F5300 HDTV we mention above comes with a price of just above $500, although we have heard it could see a massive price drop during the holiday shopping sales as well, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for a deal over the next week.


LED TVs are thin, but so are modern Plasma’s – It is true that Plasma TVs were very thick at one stage, but recent Plasma’s like the 51-inch Samsung PN51F5300 include a very thin form factor. In fact, this model is less than 2-inches thick and weighs less than 40 pounds. We should note that LED technology will use less power, but again Plasma’s are a lot more green than they used to be.

If you don’t believe us, then take a look at the customer reviews on Samsung’s official website that deliver a 4.2 out of 5 stars. You can also see the full specs sheet on this page.

We have embedded two videos below that take a look at the Samsung 51-inch F5300 and reveal how good it is with motion blur and visually shows how good the viewing angle is. If you own the PN51F5300, then leave a comment with your thoughts and if you think a cheaper price tag really makes this television a worthwhile purchase in late 2013?

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