Sainsbury’s Baby Event

Sainsbury’s hold different types of sales and events throughout the year and one of the biggest has to be the Baby and Toddler Event. This page is designed to keep you updated with information on when the event goes live.

In previous baby event’s that Sainsbury’s have held, there has been many sales and offers such as clothing, baby food, accessories, nappies and so much more!

Sainsbury's Baby Event

When is the next Sainsbury’s Baby Event in 2024? If the baby event goes live this June 2024, then this is where you want to be. Once we’ve received details our editors and community will post all of the information below.

Where to find the baby event when it’s live – Once the event has gone live you’ll be able to find all the the best baby deals online at Sainsbury’s*. There’s also some good offers for baby and toddler throughout the year.

Sainsbury’s Baby Event 2024 Dates:

  • Sainsbury’s SPRING Baby Event & Sale 2024: This baby event date falls around mid-May.
  • Sainsbury’s SUMMER Baby Event 2024: We get to see two events during this time, one around 9th August and one in the first week of September, 2024.
  • Sainsbury’s JANUARY Baby Event 2024: Always falls on the 2nd or 3rd Monday in January, the one closest to the middle of the month.