Next Sale Preview and VIP Slots

Thousands of people always look forward to grabbing a bargain at one of Next’s sales however, if you’ve got a VIP slot you’re counted as one of the lucky ones.

When Next have an event or a sale many shoppers go crazy, this is where you need a VIP slot, this gives you the chance to be one of the first to shop and hopefully grab a bargain form the latest discounted clothing.

When is the Next Sale and VIP Slots in 2024? We’ll keep you updated when upcoming events and VIP slots are available, if there’s any dates then we shall let you know in the comment section below.

Where to find the VIP Slots and Sales when they’re live – If an event goes live this May 2024, then you’ll be able to find the VIP sale here, although if this link is down due to not being live then head to the current Next sale on this page.