Next Summer Sale

Thousands of people look forward to this summer clearance event every year, especially due to the quality of clothes for adults and kids, so when combined with picking up a bargain it’s hard to miss.

The Next Summer Sale is normally around the same date and we expect the same in 2024, in previous years it’s the first or second Saturday in July. Clearance bargains will include dresses, jeans, cardigans, mens and children’s shirts and so much more!

When is the Next Summer Sale for 2024? Everything you need to know will be posted on this page below with all the information and dates of when the event goes live, leaks and other information will be posted by our editors and insiders below.

Where to find the Next Summer Sale when it’s live – You’ll find all the deals here on Next’s Official Homepage when it goes live, also you can find their everyday deals or other Next Sales for February in the clearance section, this is great if you’re looking for a quick and easy bargain!

How to Get a Next VIP Slot for the Summer Sale in 2024? – While the criteria may change, typically you will need to have held a credit account with at least £250 credit available, making sure you have an up-to-date email address that’s registered to receive sale updates, returned less than two thirds of items and have placed and kept an order from within the current season.