Ford Black Friday Deals, Upgrade event

If you are waiting for the Black Friday sales to buy a new car, you definitely don’t want to miss the Ford Black Friday Deals or Upgrades which has now become an annual event for the company.

Ford hosted this event successfully in previous years and we are happy to report that the Ford Black Friday Upgrades for 2024 has been confirmed as well in advance.

We don’t know what cars will be included in Fords Black Friday Deals but we will be keeping you updated on this in the weeks ahead so you just need to keep checking back at this page.

When does the Ford Black Friday Event start: This will be in November, usually at the end of the month and with a three day sale to secure your upgrade.

Where to find the Ford Black Friday deals: Ford has already set up this website which will list everything in one place. As soon as we know the models that will be on offer, we will tell you in the comments section so bookmark this page.