Boots Triple Points Event

Boots is known to deliver some cracking offers throughout the year and one of these is with their Triple Points Event, which allows shoppers to get something extra in the way of 3 times the points, while hopefully purchasing a bargain at the same time.

There’s been many types of points events at Boots over the years, each designed to give you much more while shopping for joining the brands club. As they always say, “Points Mean Prizes”, and the UK retailer certainly delivers during one of these events.

Boots Points Event

When is the Next Boots Triple Points Event in 2024? You’ll be kept up-to-date with upcoming events and when these extra points are available by following our updates below.

Where to find the Boots Triple Points details when the event is live – If you can get the extra points this April 2024, then exactly how, where, and when you can grab your triple points will be detailed here on Boots*. If a new event has gone live we’ll keep you updated below, although feel free to post your own comment if you spot something before us.