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Rooted Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: Instructions

Yesterday Google held their I/O event, and all of those who attended received a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. One of those who were given this tablet learned that Samsung did not protect the device very well, and has now been rooted. They have even provided instructions on how to do this, so up to you if you want to give it a go.

For those of you who are put off by how hard it was to root the Motorola Xoom, then don’t be, as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is much easier to do. Android Police thanks @_mrbirdman_ and the team for making this hack so simple, as it took just 15 minutes to do. Most of this were waiting for the download, so the rest will take no time at all.

There are just 6 simple steps, with the first being the most obvious, to download the Android SDK while executing adb commands. Windows users will have to install the Samsung Kies application. The next step is to open up the cmd prompt and type in a certain command, which you can read in more detail over on Android Poilce.

Samsung is on a constant mission to innovate, this is not only seen in its tablet and smartphone range, but also with their TVs — Samsung Smart TV being a fine example of this. Will you risk rooting your Galaxy 10.1 tablet device?

Written by Peter Chubb

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