Revelations Easter Egg Keeper Protector spawn locations

We now have more zombies coverage to bring you, this time a Revelations Easter Egg Keeper Protector guide, to help you find all spawn locations in the shortest space of time.

You want to build the Keeper Protector in Revelations as soon as possible as the Keeper Protector will really help you to take down some of the zombies and bosses during the latter rounds when things start to get a little hairy.

There are 9 possible spawn locations for the Keeper Protector parts in BO3 Revelations easter egg and the video which we have for you below shows you where every spawn is.


The video is thanks to YouTuber MrRoflwaffles who has been busy uploading all of the clips that you need to get you well on your way to finding and unlocking the elusive Revelations Easter Egg ending cutscene.

Are you already using the Keeper Protector with your friends? Let us know if you have found any other nice secrets or general tips that you want to share with players who are just starting the Easter Egg.



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