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Retina iMac next in 2012

We have seen a few blogs state that Apple rumors will focus only on the iPhone 5 after WWDC, which is thanks to so much being mentioned with new products like the Mac Pro and new iPad Smart Case being left in the dark a little. While it’s true that most rumors will focus on the iPhone 5, which will not release until the end of 2012, it is also a sure thing for Apple users to see a new Retina iMac soon.

During WWDC 2012 we saw a few upgrades to the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, although we also saw a new Retina MacBook Pro for 2012. The 15-inch MacBook Pro came in a couple of options with extra customizing available, but stood out for its new display and thinner form factor.

The iMac needs a refresh — thanks to having a 2011 iMac in our office with a number of MacBook’s, Retina 3rd gen iPad and a new Retina MacBook Pro on the way, the difference in screen resolution between the Retina devices and LED is massive. We’ve heard about a few reviewers that went back to a normal display after using the new Retina MacBook Pro and thought their old display had something wrong with it, which was thanks to how blurry it looked.

It stands to reason that the next upgrade, way before we see a 6th generation iPhone, will be a Retina iMac with standard SSD and even a combo hard drive option considering it’s a desktop. Personally we’d love at least 512GB of flash storage and then we’ll use an external drive for other files.

Are you ready for a Retina iMac in 2012, and if so what should the specs include? The current LED backlit display might be better than some people have right now, but considering Apple’s latest screen advancements it’s becoming old very fast. We say release a Retina iMac soon Apple.

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Any thoughts on Apple updating iMac with Mountain Lion release? 


I’m another one of those anxiously waiting for a new Imac. Since I replace computers about every 4-5 years, I’m going to spring for a top of the line 27 inch model.  And I’m not buying the 4-5 yr old iteration now on sale.   Apple can have another Wintel convert whenever.


I was ready to purchase a new iMac after WWDC …. but this obviously didn’t happen.
I have been waiting to purchase a new iMac for almost six months now.

Come on Apple get this new iMac out. The current iMac design is almost 5 years old,
hasn’t really changed looks all that much, and is now and looking “dated” ….. but more so,
it’s technically falling behind other PC’s.

Apple needs to step-up its game!


I was hoping they’d announce a retina iMac the other day. I was quite disappointed they didn’t. I think that Apple is rich enough that the new MBP and the iMac should both have 512GB of SSD as standard and not cost any more. Part costs will come down and they will gradually make more profit, but in the mean time Apple are worth so much, is it not worth it to them to lose a little but come out so incredibly far of PC opposition?

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