Retake Mass Effect 3: Idiocy for new ending

Seeing the Retake Mass Effect 3 campaign shutdown has caused a mix response from gamers, and especially those that donated money and now have questions about where their money is? It amazes us how certain individuals would even ask for money back after donating to a charity, but this is what we’ve seen on certain blogs and forums after some gamers donated to Retake Mass Effect.

The people behind Penny Arcade also oversee Child’s Play and word spread pretty fast last week about support for the Mass Effect 3 ending to be changed, which seemed to confuse gamers with the real motivates behind the fundraiser and Child’s Play. Since this movement has been stopped and the fundraiser closed we’ve seen a lot of conspiracy theories as to why this would happen, although it seems much clearer than some gamers would like to believe.

An official from the charity, Jamie Dillion, cleared things up regarding the closing down of this fundraiser and his comments can be seen below thanks to several blogs (including Forbes) contacting them for comment. There is no doubt a lot of money was raised but some sources claim the Mass Effect 3 ending attachment didn’t help a lot to the total figure, but we know certain gamers would strongly disagree with that claim.

Retake Mass Effect 3 and the idiocy of some people — we’ve seen a number of gamers point out that it was pretty clear on the charity page, which stated it’s about money for a charity and not related to the Mass Effect 3 ending although it’s understandable why certain people would be upset. We’ve contacted a few of those that gave money to the charity and all of them stated they donated “for the children“, and some even go as far to say, “they condemn anyone” wanting a return on their money donated.

Did you give money to this charity, and if so how do you feel about this news and did you give for the right reasons? It seems there had been nothing on the website stating the money was for a new ending, and this has angered those that donated for the right reasons. Most Mass Effect 3 fans now look forward to some closure with DLC, although the majority would not be willing to pay for that downloadable content after the upset with the endings.

More recent stories on Mass Effect 3 – you can understand more about the significance of Mass Effect 3’s ending here, and those of you looking for a walkthrough during this hostility can watch a few videos here (it’s ok to cheat when you’re really stuck), and Bioware state that your Mass Effect journey will continue in this article.

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I wonder why everyone believes these websites, when they claim all the donations were from people who didn’t understand?

These are the same websites that were screaming about how any one who dares to complain about the ending is a child, idiot, ect.

Quite frankly, don’t believe everything you hear.


Am very glad I donated, regardless of how Bioware responds in the end. Agree with other commentators that contributors should have read the large text on the first page describing how the funds would be used. Hope Child’s Play does not return any money, and I think very little of those who want their money back.

Christopher Janelli

I did childs play out of gaming frustration and I really don’t regret doing it for sick kids so all in all $80,000 dollars were raised 🙂

Corbin Allen

First off, RME did not shut down.  Its link to the Child’s Play charity, however, did.  

Secondly, since Penny Arcade decided to pay attention to those who pay it ad money and sever our connection with Child’s Play, we are donating to other charities while holding the line.  


If they are old enough to own a bank card to donate money they should be old enough to actually read what its for, I think in furture, age checks should be used on all donations, its not fair that a charity has to defend itself against such stupid people. At the end of the day all these people who want their money back should be thankful it is going to a good cause, as judging from the lack of knowledge of the issue its lucky they did not donate to a scam site.


The Retake Mass Effect 3 movement hasn’t ended. There is just no more money going to Child’s Play. Retake is still alive and well.

Rufus Pearce

Amateurishly embedding text as an image makes it difficult for translation software


The fact they called the movement RTM is enough to make me understand why Bioware will do nothing. Retake is not two words.  It’s not Re Take Mass Effect, which would be RTME.  It’s Retake Mass Effect.  Ergo, RME.  Not RTM.  Christ. And who the heck pays to have a better ending to a game they paid upward of 30 quid for, which they dont ACTUALLY own? Hardly a good way of getting your message across to Bioware, as they wont recieve the money you donated.  So…why change anything? They’ve stated they are happy with the ending numerous times.  Just… Read more »

Branndon Fricks

I gave because Child’s Play is a worthy and excellent cause. Donating was my way of saying that something great can come out of this situation. People are still calling us entitled whiners despite having raised a healthy sum of money and the fact that we paid for a product that we were told was one thing and ended up being another. Those who asked for refunds are jerks, but the fact that Penny Arcade wanted the donations to stop smacks of advertising politics. I hope their charity continues to make a lot of children happy, but they now look… Read more »


It was blatantly obvious the money was for the charity and not to fund the creation of a new ending. The web page stated exactly what it was for.

The movement/petition itself had a double meaning: to help these poor kids have some fun while stuck in hospital and to raise awareness that Bioware’s core fan base were trying to tell Bioware in a constructive way they were not pleased and wanted positive action taken.

Anybody that wants to take that money away from the kids needs to have a real hard look at themselves.

Danny Moore

Those who said they wanted thier money back disgust me… I donated, and i hope my money helps give some enjoyment to kids out there, regardless of the of the outcome of the campaign..


I gave money to the charity… And I understood that it was for charity and not a pool of cash for a new ending. I thought it was a nice way to get attention to the fact that I was dissatisfied with the Mass Effect 3 ending while supporting a great cause. Howeve, this particular initiative was not my first time donating to a similar cause.

I am disappointed by the end result, and the negative press.

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