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Red Dead Redemption: Gaptooth Breach Social Club Challenge Guide

We have no doubt that thousands of you are still enjoying Red Dead Redemption, therefore you will probably be glad to hear that Rockstar have revealed a new Social Club Challenge, this particular challenge is called the Gaptooth Breach.

If you pause your game and select Social Club you will see this new challenge, to complete this challenge you must firstly make sure you are a registered Social Club member (it’s free to do, check out this link), then you must complete three objectives, all of which sound pretty difficult.

Firstly you must collect $200 in loot from the outlaws at Gaptooth Ridge, however the blood thirsty treasure hunters will not be a walkover. Secondly you must find two Desert Sage plants, these are found in and around Gaptooth Ridge, you can see a map of their locations here.

Finally you must get five headshots in a row, this is probably the hardest of the three objectives, however once complete it will be well-worth the hard work, as once you have completed the Gaptooth Breach Social Club Challenge you will unlock a weapons pack cheat.

This cheat gives you access to a new arsenal of weapons, these include the Double-Action Revolver, Dynamite, Henry Repeater, High Power Pistol, Pump-Action Shotgun and Rolling Block Rifle. One thing to be aware of is that if this cheat is active you will not be able to save your game and you won’t be able to earn Achievements/Trophies.

If you are having trouble completing this challenge feel free to add your comments below and we will do our best to help you.

Source: RockstarGames

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maxJust a GamerStevePeter Recent comment authors

i dont know how i do this how the get the 200 loot, the desert saga, and headshots in a row plz help

Just a Gamer
Just a Gamer

I found them both one is by the crate at the SE road entrance, the other is behind the wooden shack. I wore my treasure hunter outfit and walked around until I found them!!! LOL

Just a Gamer
Just a Gamer

This is ridiculous, I have gold medals in every other challenge EXCEPT gaptooth breach because Of the desert sages that are supposedly there. Why would they even make that one of the challenges? SHOOT FIVE GUYS IN THE HEAD WITHOUT MISSING, LOOT ALL THE BODIES YOU KILL FOR AT LEAST $200 ….oh yeah…..find some damn plants SMH save that for survivalist. At least then we can use our survivalist map. XBOX 360: ReDRuM DLoC PS3:ReDRuM_DLoC


the map of desert sage plants is useless, try to travel to any location marked out and the hideout challenge ends. there must be more within gaptooth breach, not just around it, but i cant find any.

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