Recon class in Battlefield 4 beta

As gamers wait patiently for the arrival of Battlefield 4, this title is currently in Beta and we are starting to see some footage of the action involved. Today we are looking at the Recon class in Battlefield 4 beta, and although some may regard this as a sniper class that involves taking down the enemy from a distance, it is not just limited to long range combat.

In Battlefield 4 players can now equipe their player for a more offensive position, thus helping the whole team with their current task. In an article on BF4 Central they also highlight how recons are also ideal in defensive roles, and soldiers can deploy motion sensors which heightens awareness when it comes to nearby enemies.

Those of you who are not overly taken by up close combat will find the recon class ideal for hanging back and seeing what’s going on from a safe distance, although this is not a purely defensive class.

As the aforementioned site delivers tips and useful advice on this we thought it would be a good idea to highlight the video above this post which shows Battlefield 4 beta gameplay and how to Recon.

Lasting around nine minutes the YouTube video gives us some insight into the gameplay and the opportunity to learn more about how to recon.

In other related news only yesterday we discussed how some have experienced Battlefield 4 server connection problems after complaints about this beta, as many are finding it hard to join any servers at all. We mentioned how this doesn’t exactly look like a minor problem, as we are sure EA would be aware of the interest the Battlefield 4 beta would accumulate.

We continued to highlight a few tweets and complaints from other areas as some have been trying for a number of hours and just end up with a message saying “Battlefield 4 beta has stopped responding“. This is where we feel the official Battlefield Twitter page should be acknowledging this by giving gamers some form of reassurance, or at least empathize with their concerns.

Therefore, we would love to know how long you have been experiencing these problems for, and what your first impressions of Battlefield 4 are?

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